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Apr 19, 2010 03:11 PM

Adelaide Surrounds

fellow gastronomes,

my wife & I are heading to Adelaide for the long weekend to check out the region for the first time.

We've got Manse Restaurant booked for a dinner in Adelaide, but I was wondering if anybody could recommend any must go to places outside of the city?

Since we've already got a fine dining option, I'm interested in good quality, non-fancy local food, so Appelation is off the list.

We'll be driving through:
- McClaren Vale
- Barossa
- Clare Valley
- Adelaide Hills

So if any good dining/wine tasting options spring to mind, let me know.

many thanks


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  1. Fergal, it is a great area to tour, but a long time since I was there. We do have very good memories of "Skillogalee" ( up in the Clare, it is on a slight hill and has a great terrace overlooking the vines, the food was good, rustic and casual. I liked the Clare because it was less commercial than many of the other areas.

    In McClaren Vale head out to the sea and try "Star of Greece" at Port Willunga which has a good reputation or Coriole (a lovely little winery).

    For a Saturday breakfast head down to the Central Markets and cruise around, lots of cafes to choose from and amazing produce. The Chinese restaurants around here are also good, T-Chow used to be the stand out.

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    1. re: PhilD

      Many thanks. I knew I could rely on you for a point of view.

      Star of Greece & Coriole certainly looks interesting.

    2. Salopian Inn in McLaren Vale would be my tip, Coriole is great for a picnicstyle lunch (they own a very good cheese maker)

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      1. re: mr_gimlet

        Good to hear the Salopian is still on good form. Happy memories of a great dinner there over ten years ago.

      2. Appellation in the Barossa Valley is well worth checking out.

        Be forewarned, though, that they do require notification if you wish to arrive by helicopter :)

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        1. re: Finch.

          I was just reading about this in, I think, the Fin Review. Seemed to look promising but isn't it part of a hotel - ie I got the impression you had to be staying there.

          1. re: mr_gimlet

            I don't believe so. I know it is fairly closely related to a hotel/accommodation but I don't think staying there is compulsory (although it probably would be a good idea for me to do so since I have a tendency to over investigate wine lists).

            I've eaten there once, but as a guest a friend/supplier of the chef. Due to the circumstances, I can't confirm either way.

        2. When in McClaren Vale be sure to try:

          Maxwell's Winery - for the Mead
          Kay Brothers - Frontignac or their other sparkling wines..

          In Adelaide wander around Melbourne street for nice eateries. I like the Lion Hotel and the Cafe on the Corner. also stop at Cikolate for coffee/tea and deserts.

          I miss life in Adelaide..

          1. If you are in the Adelaide Hills I strongly recommend Chingari Indian in Nairne. They have recently opened Zigi Zaga next door which I have not dined in but hear is fabulous. Chef used to work at the Hilton

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