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Apr 19, 2010 02:08 PM

Taco Station - Pasadena (with veg**n options)

As mentioned here:

Taco Station has opened up, apparently on the 17th (at that cute old-timey filling station on the NW corner of Chester and Green). I accidentally drove by it on the way to checking out a different new-ish place. I saw stuff going on and checked out the menu. Surprisingly, they had a good selection of vegetarian tacos on the menu, so I followed my impulse and changed my lunch plans.

I haven't double-checked that there's no lard in the tortillas, tho given the vegetarian-friendliness of the place, I'm assuming not. The tortillas are made fresh (saw them pressing them up and grilling them), and have a great texture and taste - just enough thickness and give, but hold up well under the toppings. They have a few non-taco dishes, as well as tacos dorado, but the bulk of the menu is tacos. These are the little tiny kind, so at $1.50-2 each, they start to add up quick (I had about 7, and am still not stuffed). Some photos, including one of the menu, attached.

For those who care about these things, they say the vegetable fillings do not have dairy (cheese or butter), and the guacamole is made without sour cream. There are 4 types of vegetarian taco, of which I tried 3 -- there's a nopales filling, a soy meat one (didn't try this one), a diced potato and soy-chorizo one, which seems to come topped with guacamole, and a vegetable (cauliflower, corn, etc.) one. I have not tried any of the meat tacos or other menu items, so welcome to post feedback on those below.

Given how close this place is to my work, and how tasty the food was 2 days after opening, I am guessing I will be visiting this place many more times.

My personal wishlist (in case anyone from the shop is reading):
* Some aguas frescas or other fresh non-soda drinks (Jamaica? Horchata?)
* Vegetarian rice / beans and a combo plate (4 tacos + rice / beans for $7 or 8)

Pictured in the last photo are two soyrizo / potato tacos (the ones with guacamole on them) and two nopales tacos.

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  1. Thanks for posting. I was curious about the place when I noticed it this weekend, but couldn't come up with the time to get there for a meal.

    1. I went yesterday after reading mc michael's post. I did a review on Yelp (copied below) but was slow to post it to CH.



      ------------------------ Begin included text ------------------------
      This new taco stand opened on April 17th. It's run by a very friendly husband and wife team, and serves upscale tacos. I tried their carne asada and conchinita pibil tacos, and they were quite decent. If you're used to the tacos from the trucks on Fair Oaks Ave, you may find these a little underwhelming. I liked them, though they didn't quite have the punchy seasoning of the upscale tacos from Mexicatessen in Eagle Rock.

      The good:

      - Excellent homemade tortillas
      - Very clean flavors
      - Great setting

      The not-so-good:

      - Limited drinks. No Mexican Coke, Jarritos or Sidral Mundet.
      - Al pastor is from grill, not spit
      - Seasonings tend towards the slightly bland
      - No salsa bar

      Their offerings are definitely designed to appeal to an American palate. For example, they don't have cabeza or lengua, but they do have a number of vegetarian tacos, e.g. soy and "soyrizo" (soy-based chorizo).

      All in all, this is a great addition to the neighborhood, They've been open for two days only, so it's too early to pass judgment, but I hope they will grow to appeal to both sophisticated and unsophisticated palates alike.
      ------------------------- End included text -------------------------

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        Did they have Al Pastor when you went? I did not see it when I went today. The only pork on their menu is Cochinita Pibil. Did you taste it?

        1. re: WildSwede

          > Did they have Al Pastor when you went? I

          Apologies WildSwede, the didn't have al pastor at all. I made a flawed leap in logic that went like this: Al pastor spit visible? No? Then al pastor is grilled only. It's so unusual to come across a taco stand that doesn't do al pastor at all, I didn't even check to see whether it was on the menu.

          > The only pork on their menu is Cochinita Pibil. Did you taste it?

          The day I went they didn't have cochinita pibil, which is too bad as it's one of my favorites. I'll make a return visit soon.

          1. re: Peripatetic

            I think the same way, since Al Pastor is my favorite and if a place sells it, I try it. I posted about my lunch under another post yesterday. The cocinita pibil was really, really good. Enjoy!!