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Apr 19, 2010 01:47 PM

Chicago Gourmet 2010

The Gourmet festival this year is on september 25-26. I just wanted to know have any of you went and what do you get with the purchase of the ticket In terms of free food and things like that? The price is steep and I just want to make sure we get our moneys worth. Is it similar too the taste of chicago? thanks

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  1. In my opinion it's a million times better than taste of chicago, which is over crowded with nowhere to sit to enjoy the food. We don't even go to the taste anymore because of the crowds and chaotic environment.
    We went to Gourmet last year, and with the paid admission, you get unlimited samples of the food, wine and drinks being served. There are a lot of wine and liquor tents set up, with samples and tastings everywhere- too much to try everything, even if you're there all day. The food samplings are from area chefs and rotate throughout the day. The lines for the food can get long though. There's also food demos by some of the chefs and book signings throughout the day. We loved it and we're definitely planning on going back this year.

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      I agree -- this festival is EXCELLENT. They currently have an early-bird discount of $90 (versus $150) for a one-day pass which makes it a little easier to swallow. We went last year and watched a cooking demo on the Millenniuum Park stage by Rick Bayless and Marcus Samuelson -- very cool. And the amount of food and drink options are almost overwhelming. When you arrive at the entrance, they give you a wine glass, tote bag and guide to the festival. Then you are free to taste as much of whatever you would like. It was not overcrowded and had some nice sitting areas throughout (think modern couches and hi-tops, not old picnic tables). Definitely worth the splurge if you are into higher-end food.

      We also attended the Green City Market Chef's BBQ last year which was also a great event, but they have increased the price from $60 to $100 this year and it only lasts for two hours (6-8pm). You get A LOT more for your money at the Chicago Gourmet Festival and will see many of the same chefs, in addition to many, many more.

      Green City Market
      1750 N Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60614