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Apr 19, 2010 01:34 PM

Getting good fish online possible?

Ok I just moved to the Midwest from Florida. Obviously being in Florida I had become accustomed to getting good fresh fish whenever I wanted to. Well here in the small town I live in not so much, actually really not at all. The local grocery store doesn't have much of anything and there is a pretty large store in the next town and they don't really have anything either. There is a guy with a truck that comes through and sells good frozen fish stuff every month or so, but he is outrageously expensive.

So I was wondering is there were any good places to get good fish online, if thats even possible. Id be looking for Salmon, Tuna and Mahi Mahi specifically. It would also be good if the tuna was sushi grade as id like to try to make some poke one if these days.

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  1. Ordering fish online is very expensive, as it has to be packaged with ice packs and shipped Next Day Air. That said, I do it all the time, as we love good fish, and are also in the Midwest. I order from They're in Seattle. If you call them
    (1-888-222-FISH), they'll tell you what's fresh, portion it any way you like, and you'll get it the following day. I have never been disappointed by anything I've ordered from these people.

    1. Try
      Excellent stuff, high priced, high quality.

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        You might try some chefs books who deal with fishes because at the book of those books, they usually list sources where to buy those ingredients. Rick Moonen would be a good place to start because he can't buy local since he's in Vegas now.

        Keep in mind, even if you use the same suppliers, the quality won't be as great as what the chefs get.

      2. I have been very pleased with All Fresh Seafood. Both their product and service has always been terrific. It looks like they don't have wild salmon today but they have char and wild caught halibut. Email them about the mahi mahi and tuna, they can usually manage special requests.