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Apr 19, 2010 01:34 PM

Dumplings in Somerville?

I am in search for really good dumplings in the Somerville/Cambridge area - preferably in the Porter/Union/Davis area. I have been on the hunt for a dumpling that could rival those I used to have in NYC. I am looking for a restaurant that have a variety, and not just pork. Any suggestions??

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  1. Well you've come to the right hood. We have excellent dumplings at Wang's fast food (Magoun Square) and also at Quingdo garden (Cambridge, but close to Davis on Mass Ave). You can get a variety of fillings .. my favorite is the pork with fennel .. and you can also buy a big bag to take home.

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      Agreed on Wang's. Superb and worth going out of the way for. Qingdao's I have not tried.

      1. re: chickendhansak

        I've bought form Wang's and Mulan and been pleased. Unless you're eating them all at once, I'd recommend using a vacuum sealer. I use Tillia but I'm sure there are other brands..for $100-150. They pull all the air out of the bag and seal it up.The easy part of these dumplings is that you can use the original bag..never freezer burn and minimal deterioration.

        For convenience, I but bulk dumplings in CTown; but they aren't as good as Wang's.

        I've usually used it for fresh caught fish; but it works great for dumplings too.

        A little gagdet that all home cooks should have.

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        Both Wang's and Qingdao are super - we go to Qingdao more often 'cause it's closer to us . . . and we often buy frozen dumplings (and scallion pancakes too) to cook at home.


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          Wang's Fast Food
          509 Broadway, Somerville, MA 02145

          Qingdao Garden Restaurant
          2382 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140

        2. I'm lucky to know Qingdao and Wang's, but seeking a Panda East (Amherst, MA) -style dumpling.

          The potsticker dough is unusually thick and doughy; there's no chance you could see the filling through the dough like you can with Wang's (a wonderful attribute but not today's goal). These dumplings are lime-sized, rather than jalapeno-sized. After cooking, the meat (definitely pork, perhaps beef also) has gelled together into a meatball-like crescent that would hold its shape after biting.

          It's a long shot, but hoping some former Happy Valley-ers can pull through.

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            Go to Chinatown and buy a bag in the freezer section of any supermarket. Those are usually pretty repectable...

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              Not sure where you can get them frozen but South Ocean Chinese Food in southie does them that way. The old pho yuan in medford used to as well. Haven't found any other places in area that have those big ones(yet....)

              South Ocean
              710 E Broadway, Boston, MA 02127

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                have you tried Winsor's potstickers? they achieve a nice chewiness (with slightly crispy bottoms) without having to resort to thick/doughy skins. not available frozen though (although perhaps if you ask for them uncooked for takeout, they might oblige). if you're really looking for something thick/doughy, try the san-jian bao (pan fried steamed pork buns) from Chung Shin Yuan in Newton (Shangrila might also have these)

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                  East Asia in Somerville might get you what you want. Smaller than lime size, but thick dough and soft filling, tastier than the generic.

                  East Asia Restaurant
                  868 Broadway, Somerville, MA 02144

                2. Wang's and Qingdao's dumplings should blow anything you've had in NYC right out of the water.

                  Zoe's in Somerville also does some nice dumplings, particularly vegetarian ones with very delicate skins. Further afield, Mulan, Taiwan Cafe, and Jo Jo Taipei do a variety of nice dumplings too. I need to try Unique Dumpling in East Cambridge more than once.

                  For "thick", doughy dumplings, the Hong Kong restaurant in Harvard Square makes surprisingly decent ones.

                  JoJo Tai Pei Restaurant
                  103 Brighton Ave, Boston, MA 02134

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                    Formosa Taipei in Lexington makes a good, small pork and cabbage dumpling. They were selling bags of them, but stopped while they were getting up to speed at their Nashua location. Anyone know if they're selling them by the bag again?

                    Formosa Taipei
                    315 Marrett Rd, Lexington, MA 02421

                  2. The Chinese Vegetable dumplings from Wang's rock my world! End of story

                    1. I second Qingdao and Wangs - can't get any better. I also really like the momos at Martsa and House of Tibet in Davis and Teele squares respectively.
                      Frozen dumplings are pretty good at Trader Joe's, H-mart or Super 88. But Wangs is better!

                      Trader Joe's
                      1427 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02476