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Apr 19, 2010 01:19 PM

What can I do with mushy canned green beans?

Thinking to save money, I picked up a few cans of french-cut green beans. The only canned veggies I ever use are tomatoes and carrots (I pop carrots in food processor and add to my pasta sauce). The green beans were an unappetizing beige-green and mushy. There is no way I can eat these straight-up. What are some suggestions that will hide the texture and the color? BTW, they are not going in my spaghetti sauce.

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  1. Frittata. It won't hide the color, but it will make the texture irrelevant, and Italians don't generally prefer crispy green beans.....

    Also, you can use them with linguine with pesto (that will make the color less of an issue, and green beans in pasta should be very tender anyway) - if you added potatoes, then you'd have something approximating the classic Ligurian dish.

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      Yeah, maybe, on the crispy veg thing for Italians, but that awful canned liquid tastes just like metal. I feel like I am eating the can.

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      1. A stew. For example a local fav at the Kibler's

        Liege Stew
        onion chopped fin
        1/2 pound bacon, cut into cubes
        left over boiled potatoes, 3 or 4 small, cubed...or you can use the jarred ones
        1 can green beans with a little of the juice
        any spices you prefer...even Sriracha!

        Fry bacon cubes until crisp, add onion and fry until clear, add potatoes, after a few minutes add green beans with a little of their juice. Let stew awhile.

        This is a week night dinner at our house. Can be served with add ins like grated cheese, plain yogurt, or other left overs.

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          1. First of all, rinse them off with water to lose some of the metallic taste.

            I try to avoid carbs and I used canned green beans as a sub for pasta with lots of tomato sauce on top.

            If you really hate them, donate them to a food drive. Someone likes them or they wouldn't be sold in stores.