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Apr 19, 2010 12:58 PM

Buying a wine cooler- Where did you buy online? at a store?

I read the thread discussing the various brands but would like more feedback as to how you made your purchase. Also, is there any review of the brands by a consumer magazine? Finally, is anyone aware of a good promotion? Thanks, in advance, for yor suggestions.

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  1. Check this place out: I've been happy with my purchase.

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    1. re: ibstatguy

      I bought my Avanti from Beverage Factory, and couldn't be any happier with the product and service. -mJ

    2. I would think how you purchase is simply a function of price in this age of styrofoam packing, although I'd be inclined to have a brick and motrar store behind a very expensive unit. If you can save enough (including freight, and usually less taxes if the site is not in your state) online makes sense. I bought mine at the Vinotemp factory and they delivered...... but I live near it.

      I'd try or to look around. If I recall correctly, Beverage Factory is often cheaper. Amazon and Google are good to search too, once you know what cooler you want.

      To a large degree what you choose is a function of what you can afford and how big a unit you want. Wine fridges go from 6 bottle capacity to 500+ and from <$100 to several thousand.

      All this is assuming 'wine cooler' means for long term storage, and not one of those single bottle units that will chill one or 2 bottles at a time.

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      1. re: Midlife

        I am researching at least a 60 bottle unit. I've read that one should purchase twice the size one originally considers so I may choose a larger fridge.

        There are so many competing brands that it is confusing to a wine storage newcomer! I appreciate all your feedback.

        1. re: hopegoode

          I think this, for the most part, is one of those areas where "you get what you pay for".

          The Vinotemp I have has been great for 10 years+. It was made in California, but I've been told that some of their smaller units are now imported from China and are not reliable. Brands I know have good reputations are Vinotheque, Eurocave, Le Cache and Sub Zero, but you are into serious bucks with these brands.

          I'd still suggest checking Amazon or Google and reading reviews there. I have a friend who has a 60-bottle Haier/Maytag that works well. I've also seen some Danby units that seem OK. Both are much more moderately priced. Once you get into 120-bottle or so, though, the choices are more limited to 'better' brands. I wouldn't rule out Vinotemp, if you can find out where the unit is made.

          Good luck. BTW, I bought a 220-bottle unit because I didn't want to wind up with much more than that, and filled it up within the first year. My daughter lives in San Francisco (in a very cool part of the city) and filled her 60-bottle almost immediately. She now has 3 times that much in a storage area in her house. If you live in a very warm climate, it's a lot easier to control.

      2. I forgot one important point on these units.

        Some wine bottles are larger than others - ie: Pinot Noir, some Syrahs, and Champagne. If you want them to fit in your unit you'll need to look into the racking configuration before buying. The ones with pullout wooden shelves tend to have the most versatility in that regard. Open metal racks (the kind that accordion up and down) are OK most of the time. Be careful of units with a grid-type configuration. They're OK, but the size of the opening can be too small for those larger bottles.

        1. To piggyback on this thread, is there any way to figure out how much power these fridges consume before you buy them? I'd like to have an idea of the total ownership costs before I go out and buy one of those larger 60-bottle or so units.