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Apr 19, 2010 12:09 PM

Raymond Blanc's Kitchen Secrets

I've only caught one of these programmes so far on i-player, but I'm loving M Blanc! I liked him on The Restaurant (or Last Restaurant Standing as it was called in the States) but he has turned up the Gallic charm even more in this show.

The best bit in the first episode was when he started slagging off a kitchen whisk (who dezigned zis. Is a load of rubb-eesh) only to discover that it had his name on it! Priceless.

I'm not sure if it's available to watch yet outside the UK, but if so I heartily recommend the comedy Frenchman. (Seriously, the man has lived in Britain for 30 years and is an anglophile but talks like he just got off the ferry.) No Gordon Ramsay-style shouting or swearing, just passion and charm.

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  1. You will find zat 'e 'as trouble wiz his equipment in every episode. You will also find that you get heartily sick of him saying "tres bien" and "voila" every few seconds like a caricature Frenchman. But it is a "proper" cooking show showing you how to cook stuff.

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    1. re: Harters

      True dat. I just watched the fish one and loved what he did with the mackerel.

      He does come over well. "Every keetchin needs an Ad-om." Mr GG likes hearing him talk about his "leetle vegetables". I don't think he's putting it on - he IS a comedy Frenchman. The look on his face when he had to take off his chic black loafers and put on a pair of wellies!

      1. re: greedygirl

        I know that Gordon Ramsay called out Raymond Blanc as nothing more than a act, where Blanc had been just as much a terror in the kitchen as Ramsay is today- Blanc swore just as much as he did and threw pots and pans at the workers at Le Maison.

    2. And 'ere 'e is, 'aving 'is lunch at ze Waterside Inn recently:

      See link at the end of post #102:

      1. I can't take his work seriously after the ridiculous/pathetic outcome of the most recent series of Last Restaurant Standing. I know it's a 'reality' show but still. You can't spend all this time talking the talk about ones culinary philosophy and then discard it as needed.