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Apr 19, 2010 11:06 AM

film craft services on a budget- a challenge!

I'm working on a very low budget film and have been given the responsibility of craft services. Yay! My budget is small and there are a lot of limitations, but I'm determined that people will eat well. This production has put out awful food- cheap boxes of donuts, Utz chips and cheap soda for snacks and Domino's pizza for lunch. Terrible food= unhappy crew. My budget is $200 for two days, 10-12 people per day. One day will only be noon til 5, so only needs to be good snacks. The other day is 9-6, so I'll need good snacks and at least a substantial lunch. The problem: no fridge or oven on location. There should be healthy and good junk food alternatives. Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks Hounds!

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  1. Do you have somewhere to prepare food? Or do you want to purchase everything ready to eat?

        1. Thanks for the thoughts, everyone!

          1. Any sandwiches without mayo dont need refrigeration. Easy to pick up 10 lunch boxes from Cosi and stay within budget.
            I like the make you own idea. Best way to stay within budget and people will love it. make some cookies too.