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film craft services on a budget- a challenge!

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I'm working on a very low budget film and have been given the responsibility of craft services. Yay! My budget is small and there are a lot of limitations, but I'm determined that people will eat well. This production has put out awful food- cheap boxes of donuts, Utz chips and cheap soda for snacks and Domino's pizza for lunch. Terrible food= unhappy crew. My budget is $200 for two days, 10-12 people per day. One day will only be noon til 5, so only needs to be good snacks. The other day is 9-6, so I'll need good snacks and at least a substantial lunch. The problem: no fridge or oven on location. There should be healthy and good junk food alternatives. Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks Hounds!

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  1. Do you have somewhere to prepare food? Or do you want to purchase everything ready to eat?

    1. Some ideas here?
      http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/640881 [not sure about budget]

      1. Costco, and cook.

        1. Thanks for the thoughts, everyone!

          1. Any sandwiches without mayo dont need refrigeration. Easy to pick up 10 lunch boxes from Cosi and stay within budget.
            I like the make you own idea. Best way to stay within budget and people will love it. make some cookies too.