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Apr 19, 2010 10:20 AM

restaurant that seats 60, under $20 p/p in west hartford area

Hi -

I am trying to find a restaurant that can accommodate a school group of 55 eleventh graders and 5 chaperones on a Friday night in September around 6pm, for about $20 per person. It would be great if I could find something within walking distance to the movie theater in West Hartford (but am open to other suggestions). I tried calling Cheesecake Factory and they were not able to accommodate such a large group. When we did this last year in another city we went to Brio and it was perfect - I'm going to try the one at Westfarms for our Thursday night dinner. Also, we will only be there for about an hour or so, so we should be out before the big Friday night rush.

Any ideas?

Thank you!!

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  1. There are dozens of restaurants within walking distance of the movie theater in WH, but I can't think of one that can accommodate such a large group. I would suggest breaking into groups of 5 and going to different restaurants... There are plenty of options for under $20 considering no one will be drinking. There's Moe's (SouthWest cafeteria style), Counter Burger, Cheesecake Factory, Elbow Room(American comfort food), Max Burger, Lemon Grass(Thai), Chipotle Grill will be open by then...I think these are the most large group teen friendly..and all within a minute or 3 from Bow Tie Cinema

    1. Flemings steakhouse has a room but unless they have no other booking they might not give it to you at that price range They are right next to the theater

      Angelo's is maybe a mile down South Main

      You could always do Hometown Buffet in West Hartford or the chinese buffet J& J in Hartford both about 10 minutes away.

      1. I have fond childhood memories of a field trip to Benihana over 20 years ago, so I immediately thought of that hibachi joint on Farmington Ave. Ichiro. Their (obnoxious) website is at and I must confess I called to feel them out. They offer a prix fixe hibachi option with soup, salad, desert, hibachi, and drinks for $24.99 a person, but I told them there were 60 people coming and 'we' only had an hour or so and $25 a head was over budget, and she offered a special prix fixe for $20 a person. Their hibachi room seats 120 people, so they could easily handle your group, and the spectacle might be something the kids would enjoy.

        The number's 232-7888, and I spoke to someone named Amy, she said to ask for her.

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          oh wow!! thank you so much!! this is an awesome idea and i really appreciate it! i will call her for sure!