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Apr 19, 2010 10:17 AM

Vegetarian (or just non-anchovy) fish sauce?

Despite eating it for years, I've recently developed a really severe anchovy allergy.

I've read about vegetarian fish sauce and other fish sauces made with fish besides anchovies, but I haven't found any of these after a couple of tries in various Chinatown supermarkets. I tried Hong Kong Supermarket on Elizabeth & Hester, and the Thai grocery on Mosco St, along with a couple others whose names I don't remember.

Has anyone seen anchovy-free fish sauce for sale anywhere?

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  1. In this thread, kobetobiko mentions a fish sauce made from (I think) a non-anchovy fish. Which may or may not help you, since she doesn't say what brand it is, nor whether it's available in Manhattan.

    The thread also contains many suggestions for where to buy fish sauce. Good luck!

    1. Here's a recipe:

      Also for commercially produced Vegetarian Fish Sauce you'll want to try stores that specialize in Vietnamese rather than Chinese products.