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Apr 19, 2010 09:47 AM

New Yorkers come to San Fran…Girls only getaway!

8 friends (including myself) are coming to San Francisco in June for a girls-only weekend getaway at the Ritz. None of us have been to San Fran before and I was wondering if anyone could help out with some fabulous San Fran restaurants while we are there.
We are a pretty eclectic group but since most of us are from NYC, have pretty diversified palates. In terms of kinds of cuisines, we are pretty open but definitely want to get a good gauge on San Fran’s most-popular restaurant attractions. We would like one nicer restaurant for the Saturday night, but also some great lunchtime and more casual spots. We are planning a trip to Napa too so if anyone has any recommendations there too, that would be great!

Thanks so much!

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  1. a little research on specific topics will help narrow down your choices, but you'll need a whole day for Napa. I think Sonoma is more interesting anyway. Also, locals and especially natives do not call the city San Fran (or Frisco, for that matter).

    1. If you are around for a brunch, I highly recommend Foreign Cinema in the Mission. The space is totally unexpected from the outside and definitely something you would expect in NYC - bright, sunny, high ceilings, with a beautiful outdoor patio. Wonderful service, killer bloody mary's, and well executed, delicious food. We recently enjoyed a plate of smoked salmon (I think it had a mayo based curry sauce with it), roasted calamari, dungeoness crab fritatta, and a lovey omelet with herbs and cheese.

      Foreign Cinema
      2534 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94110

      1. Unique to SF I would go to Ame, or if you really want to splurge and are all adventurous eaters, Coi for your nice meal.

        1. For fun places with good food, I would check out the following place:

          -Slanted Door, Vietnamese fusion, excellent wine list & awesome view
          -Limon, Peruvian
          -Nopa, New/Twisted Old American
          -Foreign Cinema is excellent as well
          -Delfina for Cal Italian for comparison & contrast w/ NY's Italian

          Although I have to say that I have not been to any of the above places for over a year and more.

          I also agree with a320 that Sonoma is more interesting than Napa. It's a lot more laid back w/ more freebie wine samples. But if you're looking for a more picturesque Kodak moment of a wine country scene, then Napa is where you should go.

          And as a side note, if you do decide to go to Sonoma, check out the Osmosis Day Spa for the cedar enzyme bath, it's very Californian....

          Have fun!

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            I wish I could take the credit regarding Sonoma vs. Napa, but that was chuckl's comment :)