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Apr 19, 2010 09:25 AM

Nonna's gone...

I was just talking to my wife.. she was driving north on 9 (Marlboro).. in mid-conversation, she says, "Whoaaaaaa!" I said, what was that for? She said "Nonna's is GONE! It's been painted a different color... and there's a small sign out front that reads 'Brandon's Cucina'..."

So, there you have it. Yay, another Italian restaurant. I liked Nonna's for what it was.. sad to see them go.

Doesn't seem like Brandon's is open yet, but who knows?

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  1. Something is operating there. Drove by last night (also saw the new sign) and the parking lot was full.

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      Funny.. it was "Brando's Citi Cucina" but when I drove by this morning it said "Nonna's" again on the sign. The "Citi Cucina" is still there. I found two reviews on the web, one said it was horrendously bad and high-priced, the other raved about the food and service. Go figure.

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        I heard that Nonna's was sold and that the new owner plans an "upscale" Italian restaurant, which probably equates to pricey. We will have to wait and see.

    2. My husband & I had dinner at the newly named restaurant (still the same owners) it was just average. They no longer cater to family style but are trying to be more upsale. I really wanted to enjoy my meal but was disappointed. My husband & I had the seafood specials and they weren't exceptional. We had used a gift card so it wasn't so hard to pay the expensive bill.

      Nonna's Family Style Italian Restaurant
      190 US Highway 9, Englishtown, NJ 07726

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        Did they accept gift card for the Nonna's as it existed previously? I've got one that I figured was now useless.

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          It's the same owners.. so I don't see why they wouldn't.. unless they want bad publicity.

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            Yes they will honor your gift card. We had called ahead to make sure.

        2. Nonna's restaurant is back and better than ever! My husband I had dinner there the other night and the food and service was exquisite. My pasta dish was cooked perfectly and the sauce was to die for. They now offer both individual portions and a family style menu for larger parties. In addition, the decor has been changed and it is beautiful. Definately one of the best restaurants in the area. Can't wait to eat there again

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            Passed it last night, and noticed a newer, more stylized "N" on the sign. I've only gone once, but my GF and I enjoyed it. We had the family style combo for two. Do they still have that?
            You say the food is even better now?

            Is the price still reasonable?

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              They redid their website, it looks like. We haven't been there since the changeover.


              Based on past experiences, the menu prices have definitely gone up.

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                Another "review" by a first time poster (foodguru12) that sounds like an ad

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                  The new menu sounds pretty good. I guess it might be a little more expensive than the old menu, but it doesn't seem outrageous or anything.

                  Like I said, I only went once, but I would bet 5 bucks on it that we had a "family style for two" combo when we went. Could this have been a special?

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                    Looks like a typical italian restaurant menu in Central Jersey. Yawn. . .

              2. We just stopped by there last night, unaware of the changes. We were dressed "weekend casual" which is usually fine for Old Nonnas but we felt very uncomfortable as soon as we walked in; it's dressier and less "family-style" now.

                I looked at the menu: Family style is now $26pp for app, salad, pasta and dessert (dont forget tax and tip) Classic Nonnas (includes an "entree", i.e. not just a pasta course) is a whopping $32pp plus tax and tip.

                Things we used to get family style for $25 a platter are now $17pp with no sides.

                Very disappointing. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

                ps usually whenever we go we have to wait about 1/2 hour. We got there at 5:30pm last night (Sunday) and there was no wait at all.

                We ended up leaving and going to El Meson :)

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                  "includes an "entree", i.e. not just a pasta course) is a whopping $32pp plus tax and tip. "

                  If the food/service is good, $32 pp for a 4 course meal is actually pretty reasonable.

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                    Then the "new" Nonna's should do fantastic business!

                    Seriously though, $200 for dinner for my family of 5 is a bit steep considering it's Nonna's (and that's if we're drinking tap water with dinner).

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                      Went here tonight. We had a $15 "gift certificate" sent to us by the restaurant. Wife got Chicken Parm, stated it was the best she's ever had, wants to go back. It was $17 and came with a side of pasta. I had a chicken sandwich.. ($9) a little bland, I thought, but I got extra garlic mayonnaise on the side and that spruced it up a bit. It came with fries which were actually fantastic. Our 18 month daughter was thrilled with her penne pasta and sauce.

                      Oh, and I'm usually low carb but I devoured the bread. They have SUCH good bread.. and a really nice touch, brought out a 4-compartment dish that held softened butter, olive oil with herbs/salt, tomato/garlic bruschetta, and eggplant caponata.

                      Desserts were all $9 each so we passed on those. After coupon, our meal was $20 plus tip, and we had leftovers to boot.

                      Definitely more upscale than it used to be. Oh, upon leaving, we were handed a gift bag, being given out this weekend only (Sept 23-26), in honor of their 10th anniversary. It contained a $10 off coupon, a menu, and a small loaf of lemon poppyseed bread.

                      We'll be back.. it's really close to our house.. :)

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                        I have seen lots of coupons for Nonna's lately; I'd use them now while they're still in business.