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Apr 19, 2010 08:52 AM

Malibu Lunch Spot

Any ideas for lunch in Malibu? Anybody been to the Reel Inn lately?

The Lunch Spot
12100 Wilshire Blvd Ste M30, Los Angeles, CA 90025

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  1. Not lately, but we used to frequent it often as my kids enjoy the beach across the street. Always had a decent meal, not stellar or earthshattering, tho.

    Have you tried up in the Country Mart area? There are lots of places there that range from expensive (Nobu) to sandwich to go.

    1. i like duke's and beachcomber better than reel inn. better view, similar prices and quality/taste.

      1. I like Taverna Tony's for a nice greek lunch on a lovely patio.

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          Malibu Kitchen (used to be Mary's) in the country mart has some great made to order sandwiches and sides. The turkey meatloaf on a rosemary rustic roll is tough to beat! Pulled pork is pretty great too.

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            For full service I like Tony's also. I love their roasted lamb sandwich. Geoffrey's has a great patio with a terrific ocean view. I think the food is better than the other restaurants on the ocean side of PCH. Malibu Kitchen, Malibu Seafood and John's Garden are also good, but there's no table service.

          2. I like Tra Di Noi. The service has always been attentive and their salads are delicious. On a nice day, you can sit on their patio and view the view!

            Tra Di Noi
            3835 Cross Creek Road in Malibu

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