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We, the PIzza. I get "Who?" My question is "When?"

Articles have been posting for a year now that that Spike's pizza place "We, the Pizza" is expected to open in early 2010. I saw two pieces (late March and early April) that seemed to indicate it would open shortly but I have not seen anything official. Is it open now? Soft open? Anyone have any details?

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  1. I can't recall where but, recently I saw something that said May 15

    1. Just read this today...

      We the Pizza, Top Chef contestant Spike Mendelsohn’s foray into NY-style pies, opens July 19 on Capitol Hill (next door to his successful burger shop, Good Stuff Eatery), offering slices as well as whole rounds, topped classically or inventively, along with submarine sandwiches, spicy wings, spaghetti and meatballs, and housemade gelato; the smart-looking counter-serve operation, with seating on the second floor, features a huge photo taken at Woodstock and an old-fashioned soda fountain dispensing authentic chocolate egg creams and Italian-inspired drinks, and there’s beer available as well (305-307 Pennsylania Ave. SE; 202-543-8222).

        1. We The Pizza opened on Friday, I tried to go on Saturday at 6:30 and they had run out of dough! I can tell everyone this I was at Good Stuff Eatery for the Premiere of Top Chef last month and Spike was testing out his pizza's that night, They brough them over, I had 2 slices of the Spinach and Artichoke Pie and 1 slice of the Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella and Roasted Tomato Pie. They were delicious, Very tasty, The flavors of the toppings were superb and the cheese was also very good. I loved it. The crust was fine, not amazing that I recall but definitely good. I could have have kept eating and eating them.

          I have been highly anticipating the opening of We the Pizza ever since this and I look forward to having their pizza again soon.

          Good Stuff Eatery
          303 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Washington, DC

          1. Thanks. Has anyone been for lunch yet?

            1. Just got an email saying they opened today. (??) And that they are closed from 3-6 this week only.

              1. First reviews are in. I can't say I'd be willing to wait in line for a "just okay" slice.


                1. I went today for lunch. I was there early so the line and the wait weren't too bad, it got crazy pretty quickly. I had a slice of the spinach artichoke and a slice of the cheese. I really liked the slight sweetness of the sauce on the cheese slice but the crust was not crispy or thin enough. It probably would have been improved by a few more minutes. The white pizza was very tasty, flavorful plenty of garlic and cheese but again the crust was a bit thick and chewy (and not in a good way). That said, these is early in the pizza game. Spike was there overseeing the pizzas, adding extra olive oil, and sprinkling cheese. I will go again for sure and if you do go, go early.

                  1. I went tonight for dinner. I arrived at about 5 mins. to 6:00, expecting to find it open, but no. There was a sign saying "Closed 3 - 6 - this week only." Hmmm.... that was supposed to be LAST week only, so I guess that could go on indefinitely. I was about 20th in line. It opened around 6:10 and I waited an additional 10 mins. or so once inside. I got a Sicilian and a mozzerella/roasted tomato slice. The crust on the Sicilian was way too thick - 2 inches in places and so thick it was doughy. Probably won't get it again, but still, it had a good, yeasty homemade flavor. The thinner crust was better, but the cheese on that slice was strangely chewy. The sauce was OK, but lacked interest. There are several better pizzas in DC, but plenty more worse ones.

                    I want to go back to try one of their sandwiches and also their gelato, once they get their machine up and running.

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                      I went tonight too. I really liked the pizza...........not the best ever but, worth it if you're in the neighborhood. The thinner crust was just crispy enough on the bottom and yeasty/doughy at the end. The ricotta on the white tasted very fresh.

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                        Yeah, I was tempted to get the white pizza - the ricotta looked really good.

                        "The thinner crust was just crispy enough on the bottom and yeasty/doughy at the end." -- Agreed.

                    2. Went for lunch on Saturday... wasn't too long of a wait, maybe 10 minutes. Hubby and I got a turkey club sub to share, and it was way more than both of us could eat. As far as cold subs go, this was pretty darn good - fresh meats, crispy bacon (it might have been panchetta?), and a sun-dried tomato layer. The bread was substantial enough to hold all the fillings, but not so hard that it hurts your teeth. For $6, not a bad deal at all.

                      1. Went Saturday. Finally - at least for this ex-NJ'er this is the real thing. The crust and flavors are right there, as good or better as dozens of humble pizza places up north. I could quibble about the outer crust begin inner-tube like thick, but I'm not complaining. So, if he can do it, I hope more do also, in many neighborhoods. This certainly proves the "it's the water" theory wrong.