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Apr 19, 2010 08:09 AM

Mike's on the Avenue Reopened

Has anyone been to Mike's since it reopened? I enjoyed it back in the day.

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  1. My parents and I went a few weeks ago. Other than a poorly manicured and rather rude hostess, the experience was a positive one, at least for me. Mother had some tuna sashimi that was amazingly fresh, and once she got her hands on some soy sauce, delicious. I had the fish (don't recall species) pate with onion jam and some amazing wisconsin cheddar. It was easily my favorite dish of the night. The salty fish against the tart sweet jam and the bold cheddar were so delicious with the crunchy sesame cracker. Also had a Dragon roll that was great. Dad had the scallops which were fresh and tasty, but in no way innovative. Mains were slightly disappointing. Garlic filet severely lacked garlic and was a bit overcooked, and the sides were just kind of blah. My lamb was tasty and well-cooked, but the portion was very small for the price. I would go back though, as there are other items on the menu I am interested to try. Side note, there were only two other tables when we went in, but it was on the later side of the dinner hour, close to 8:45. Our server was great.

    1. Called Mike's East West no, btw.

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            First ate his food at Santacafe in Santa Fe in the 80's. I tried Mike's On the Avenue a couple of times but it never stood up to my memories of Santacafe. Probably just me, but it seems the memories of places you loved get better all the time and it's hard for a new place to compete.

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              My first taste of his food was also at Santacafe. (A subsequent visit to Santacafe several years later--different chef--was disappointing.) But I loved Mike's on the Avenue when it was open, and was sorry to see it go. I have been to the new incarnation once and had a couple of appetizers, one good (crawfish spring roll, which used to be my favorite), one "meh" (a tuna spread of some sort, on flatbread). But I plan to go back and give it another chance.

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          Actually, it was called Mike's East West, but they just changed the name back to Mike's on the Avenue. I really enjoyed the Tuna Napoleon. They serve a blooming tea that is delicious.

        2. Had two very good meals, in the earlier iteration, so this is good news.

          Will be following this thread.

          Is the location the same?


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            Yes, the location is exactly the same.

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              One more thing to say about this restaurant... I don't think Mike's is where you want to go if you are starving. The food there is very light. One night we went with a party of 3 and ordered quite a few dishes. When the waiter came to ask us if we wanted dessert we actually ordered more food. I'm a light eater so I enjoy this, but it may not be for everyone.

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                The portion size is good to know. We normally do multi-course meals, and knowing that we can add, say a fish-course, is good. So long as I know, I'd always rather have smaller portions, and just more courses, than those big, "take it home and feed the family for a week" dishes. Maybe we have become accustomed to small portions in tasting menus, or maybe we just do not eat the volume that we once did, but I like having more dishes - so long as I know.



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                  Mike always said that he didnt want people to regret having to eat breakfast in the morning.