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Apr 19, 2010 07:57 AM

Cask Kitchen and bar on 33rd - short review

4 of us went to Cask Kitchen and Bar for dinner and drinks on Sat night. The atmosphere was lively but also dark, lots of exposed brick and candles. They have about 20 beers on tap none of which are the standard offerings. They also serve flights of beer which was a nice touch. we had a few flights and really liked the Blue Point Toasted Lager and Hop Sun Wheat. They also have a full bar and pretty extensive wine list as well. On to the food,
started with salmon tartare which was pretty bland, philly cheesesteak spring rolls which were straight out of TGI Fridays but suprisingly good. Also had the meatball sampler which consisted of 3 pork, 3 beef and 3 lamb meatballs with accompanying sauces. These were all pretty good but we all liked the lamb best.
Next course was Mussels fri diavalo, chicken pot pie, rissoto, mushroom flatbread.
The mussels were outstanding, great flavor and texture. The chicken pot pie was a scam. I hate when the menu says chicken pot pie and it ends up being stew in a bowl with a biscut on top. The flavors were good but not pot pie by any stretch. The rissoto was fantastic, just perfectly cooked and flavored. Finally the flat bread was dissapointing. The mushroom flavor was weak as was the mozzarella balls.
In conclusion I would go back. The beer selection was excellent, the mussels were great and next time I would try the burger which looked great as well. The atmosphere is certainly one in which I could spend a few hours. Service was very attentive.

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  1. great.

    been meaning to try this place. sounds like a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

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      I like this place. Our server was AWESOME. And they have saison dupont (though I prefer it on tap). The mixed drinks are very tasty if you like things a bit on the sweeter side. (GF loved them). "I'll be back". Only ate the cheese / meat plate though, which was good and large portioned, and reasonably priced. But it was served with chopped black olives- i think they were canned. Wish they served it with real olives and some fruit/condiments for the cheese. A nice place!

    2. I think the chicken pot pie, as you described it, is pretty traditional in most irish pubs (having been in a few and ordered more than my share of CPPs). When you say biscuit, do you mean it was like a piece of puff pastry floating on top of the "filling?"

      The first time I saw it that way I also found it ridiculous. Then I realized that's just the way it's served in most Irish places; at least in Manhattan.

      Good to hear about the mussels though. I went there for a few beers and a snack a couple of weeks ago and was also underwhelmed by the flatbread.

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      1. re: egit

        If what you describe is the correct CPP then I am a sucker for the imitation. There just wasnt enough puff pastry.

      2. I am not too fond of this place. For a bar called Cask, they only offer one or two cask offerings at a time and they have the nerve to charge $12 for a 12 oz pour. I know cask beers require a lot more attention and care then regular draught offerings but plenty of other beer bars around town manage to have them available without ripping you off. The tap selection is decent, obviously better than the average bar but nothing special for a beer bar.

        Foodwise they are definitely trying to make it upscale for a beer bar, but everything I had was mediocre and therefore overpriced.

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        1. re: MVNYC

          All the dishes are 12-18$. The burgers are 12. Thats only overpriced compared to McDonalds.

          1. re: princeofpork

            As I stated above it is overpriced because of the mediocre quality. It is also overpriced because of the tiny portions. There are also plenty of big plates on the menu for more than $18 though I did not try those and cannot attest to their price to quality ratio.

            That's just the food. $12 for a cask pour? $9.50 for 8oz of Chimay? Ripoff prices.