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Apr 19, 2010 06:05 AM
Discussion on Prairie Home Companion

Did anybody else hear the "fake" commercial for on Prairie Home Companion this weekend? I still can't figure out if it was dig at Chowhound, or if they didn't realize their really is a, or if it was supposed to be a real commercial for this site. It presented as a way to find a food testing dog in order to avoid food poisoning.

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  1. I heard it, and I couldn't figure it out, either. Especially since the other embedded commercials, for ketchup and biscuits and whatnot, seem to be about actual ketchup and biscuits and whatnot. Now I'm questioning everything. Is Guy Noir even real?

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    1. re: small h

      The ads are fake. They've been running the same fake ads for the biscuits and ketchup for decades. Love 'em! :-)

      1. re: Beckyleach

        I know they're fake. But the ketchup ad is about ketchup. And the biscuit ad is about biscuits. And the rhubarb pie ad is about rhubarb pie. Yet the Chowhound ad is not about Chowhound (as we know it).

        1. re: small h

          I just caught the tail end of that 'ad'. It was for a food-tasting dog, wasn't it? To protect you from food poisoning etc?

          Similarity in name was just a coincidence, I think.

          1. re: paulj

            You're probably right, but that's not a very exciting explanation. I prefer to imagine that there's some hidden meaning which we cannot yet see. Here's the text of the "ad."


    2. I heard this too and decided they weren't aware it was an actual site, just another one of their fake commercials.

      1. I suspect it's due to the fact that the word "chowhound" existed before this site. I wouldn't read much into it.

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        1. re: jmckee

          i was just thinking recently that it's funny how those of us here on CH sometimes get territorial about the term. i was shopping recently (i can't be certain but i 'think' it was at TJ's), and they had signs posted alongside certain items that said "Calling all Chowhounds!" or something along those lines. i totally made the association with THIS Chowhound when i first saw them :)

          1. re: jackbauer

            Don't forget "Raw Bits", the cereal made from oat hulls and wheat chaff.

          2. I usually listen to PHC on the weekends as well. It was background "music" this past weekend as we were busy around our home, and I thought I heard, "...Chowhound..." and cocked my ear from about 30 feet from the radio. I was scolded by the wifey to focus back on the chores at hand... Who assigned her overseer? :)