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Apr 19, 2010 05:06 AM

What happened to Fairway??

Specifically, the Fairway in Plainview, LI? I went shopping there yesterday, and it was dead for a Sunday. When I started to look around, I noticed the quality of the food there was substantially different, sadly for the worse.

Other than the usual good Murray's chicken selections, the meat case was stocked with all kinds of items that were well past their prime. Most of the ground beef, for example, was discolored and clearly not very fresh. Even when I stopped by the butcher's counter to get some skirt steak, I couldn't buy any because when I asked to be shown both sides of the meat once again, they were discolored and obviously not fresh.

The fish counter wasn't much better. They had X-large shrimp on sale for 4.99/lb. which were the size of peanuts, so I accepted the $8.99/lb. price for Jumbo shrimp, which were exponentially bigger, and which the man behind the counter promised were wild and domestic, as opposed to farmed. Well, when getting these home, it was pretty clear to me that they were black tiger, and most likely farmed as opposed to what I was told.

Again, there were no long lines, and hardly any customers during what is an ordinarily busy shopping time, so I'm thinking there must be something going on that I wasn't aware of. From the produce, to the meats and seafood, to the cheese bar and beyond, NOTHING was up to par. I literally could've done better in a chain store!

So, does anyone know what happened? Change in ownership or management? I know they are now spending a lot of time and presumably money advertising on TV, but unless they go back to offering quality, fresh food at a reasonable price they will surely lose a ton of business, if they haven't already.

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  1. I can't speak for the Plainview store, but the Brooklyn store is up to par. I do have my criticisms of this location but nothing quite on level with the above review of Plainview. Keep in mind when you say "I literally could've done better in a chain store!" that they -are- a chain. They are a family run, small chain. And each store has different managers and a different set of variables. As far as TV ads, maybe thats a LI thing. I can't recall seeing any here in NYC.

    Again, sorry to hear about that store but there are many Fairways.

    1. The Pelham store Grand Opening was April 14th ... 75,000 square feet.

      Look -->

      1. Find their Facebook page and post your complaint. They do read them and forward to the appropriate party.