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Apr 18, 2010 10:46 PM

who else loves stuf yer face in new brunswick

i live in the freehold area, and i grew up eating roli bolis a few times a week LOL. then about 8 years ago, they broke my heart, and disappeared. i found a place in east brunswick called stuf yer face that was like roli boli on steroids. that too disappeared. i then found stuf yer face i new brunswick on easton Ave., which hasnt disappeared yet lol

anyway this is my favorite place to eat,but i never hear many people talk about it!

might be going to rutgers so ill be able to eat there all the time.

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  1. My son started attending Rutgers in New Brunswick last September. I visited him once and we went to Stuff Yer Face for the first time. We loved it. Great atmosphere, good selection of beer and excellent strombolis. I went back again with my wife and plan on going again soon. They seem to be doing well as it' was crowded both times. Once after 9PM during winter break when hardly any students were on campus, and the other time around 2 PM on a weekday. It's tough to park in that area.

    Stuff Yer Face
    49 Easton Ave, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

    1. I haven't been in years, but used to frequent a lot in college and when working in NB we did happy hours there often. Parking is a bit of a toughie, although I usually just park in the Ferren Deck "down the hill" and then walk up Easton Ave. Mmm, now I'm getting nostalgic.

      1. We stopped there a few months ago after hearing about it over the years from a variety of people. Seems very popular with the Rutgers crowd. I forget what 'boli I had, but I enjoyed it. This is where Mario Batali got his start as a chef way back when. Good place with good 'boli's! -mJ

        1. great place to eat bolis and good beer selection. Oh and Potachos= awesome.

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            Is this restaurant GUSTO GRILL in the old space of "Stuff Your Face"?


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              My daughter goes to Rutgers and she took me there. It's a fun place...good beer and good bolis. The make your own option is fun and you can get quite creative!

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                yeah the make your own option is a great buy. i m a big eater and get the 18 inch one, and they let you have like 5 different toppings in addition to mozzarella and marinara.

                the only complaint about stuf yer face is the restaurant itself. such a rundown place.
                it also pisses me off that it is right next door to CLUCK U. that is another favorite of mine, so i feel guilty about choosing stuf yer face over it every single time.
                cluck u isnt worth the long drive, but stuf yer face is.

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                yes this place replaced Stuff Yer Face. Actually I believe it was something else first for a little while and that left, and was replaced with Gusto. Not a bad place to grab a quick drink with someone, food leaves something to be desired from what I hear.

                Used to always frequent the stuff yer face in this EB location when I was a kid. Many good memories. Do they still have the Corbet boli? It was chicken and broccoli and was amazing.

                Stuff Yer Face
                49 Easton Ave, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

            2. I haven't been back in more years than I care to admit. I do however have fond memories of the place and I'm happy to see that things haven't changed much. A discussion of NB college eating would be incomplete without mentioning Thomas Sweet's, Cluck U Chicken, the Grease Trucks, and the former Greasy Tony's (RIP).

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                How's this for dating myself? we used to frequent the Stuff Yer Face in Long Branch, probably mid to late 80s or so. Used to hit the one on rt18 whenever we were up that way. Tried to get to the one in NB some time ago but were put off by the "grunge" look of the place and mainly, the lack of parking. Unfortunately, there's no other place like it to my knowledge, we'll definately have to get up there one of these days.

                Stuff Yer Face
                49 Easton Ave, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

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                  I knew about the one on 18 but not Long Branch, Where was it located and when did it close down? You learn something new everyday. :)

                  1. re: bgut1

                    Stuff Yer Face Long Branch was directly across from the boardwalk on the old Ocean Avenue (before the current reconstruction). Just half-a-block or so from the pier. Don't know exactly when it shut down but I would guess it would have been not long after the pier went up in flames (1987). Wow, blasts from the past - Stuff Yer Face, Pistol Pete's, the arcade, and the Haunted Mansion.