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Dinner near Westin downtown Seattle

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I have 5 friends going to Seattle on business next weekend. They are staying at the Westin. They have asked me for suggestions of restaurants they can walk to. I don't live in Seattle and haven't been downtown in a while, so I am coming to you guys to refresh my mind. If I were with them we would eat seafood every night. I would suggest Dahlia's, Etta's, Flying Fish, etc. etc. Can I get more suggestions? Thanks.

Flying Fish
2234 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121

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  1. The Palace Kitchen is a block from the Westin and would be my very first recommendation.

    Palace Kitchen
    2030 5th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

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      I would strongly second the recommendation for the Palace Kitchen. An excellent Chowhound destination.

      Palace Kitchen
      2030 5th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

    2. anything on this board in downtown is walkable from the Westin, and in Pike Place, and much of Belltown. Any ideas as to food type, budget? Restaurant ZOe is a good general new American choice, in addition to those you mention. F Fish is moving, but I don't know if they have yet?

      1. There are a lot of great choices very near the Westin. Dahlia would be on my list, but the other Tom Douglas places (Ettta's, Palace Kitchen especially) are also well worth considering. Restaurant Zoe, Union, Matt's in the Market, and Place Pigalle are among my favorites and would be my top choices. Maybe look at their menus online and see what type of food appeals. All are fairly seafood heavy but not exclusively.

        Palace Kitchen
        2030 5th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

        Restaurant Zoe
        2137 Second Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121

        Place Pigalle Restaurant
        , Seattle, WA 98101

        1. Other possibilities in the area are Barolo (I haven't been in a while but it was good the last time I dined there) and Mistral Kitchen (a short trolley ride down Westlake)

          1940 Westlake Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101

          Mistral Kitchen
          2020 Westlake Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121