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Apr 18, 2010 07:28 PM

World Cafe Live Restaurant

Am going to a show at World Cafe Live this week with some friends. Given our timing to get there after work, it seems like eating at WCL's restaurant would be easiest. Any comments on how the food is there? Should we make the effort to eat elsewhere first? And if so, any close recs? Thanks.

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  1. It's not great, but it will do in a pinch if you're pressed for time. I haven't eaten there in years but I remember my meal being perfectly fine for bar food. There isn't much close by there, unless you feel like parking twice.

    1. It's...ok. Definitely not great. Slightly better-than-average bar food. The only things I remember being worth ordering again were the eggplant fries and the cheese plate. The sweet potato fries were horrible (soggy, limp, flavorless), burger and salads ok.

      1. I haven't eaten here in a long time. Besides not loving the food, I also though it was expensive and more importantly that the service was atrocious. Very difficult to get drink refills, etc. Still true or maybe it is better now?

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          Last time I was there the service was ok, but it was a last-minute meetup with a friend at off-hours.

          Also worth noting that if you're going to a show there in the "Downstairs" and have reserved seating, there's a minimum table charge of I think $20/person on top of your ticket price. So don't eat upstairs first and then get your reserved table downstairs as it can become a very expensive night.

          1. re: sockii

            Yea I'm talking about during shows. Pretty annoying to wait forever to get a beer while watching a show.

            1. re: barryg

              Actually Sangkee just opened up on 35 and Chestnut-------park at WCL and walk around the corner.

              1. re: bonappetite

                sang kee is def great and i was going to say that even new deck offers better food than world cafe (at least it's hot and properly prepared when it comes out). wcl doesn't always nail these two points. sang kee is a 6 block walk, new deck 5....

        2. Thanks for all the input. Based on the comments and our timing, I think we are going to each eat separately first and then meet at WCLive a little ahead for drinks. And i'm very excited to hear about the 35th Street Sang Kee! I didn't know about that one! I'm a big Sang Kee fan...