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Apr 18, 2010 07:17 PM

Food and Wine Festival Events

I've never been to one before, but I'm planning on going to the one in Atlantic City this summer. There are so many events that I don't know what ones I should buy tickets for! If anyone has been to a F&W festival before, do you guys have any suggestions?

Right now I'm trying to just pick 2 out of Mixology Magic, DaVino Code, Grand Market, Dim Sum Brunch, Super Suds Tasting, & the Wine Down Art Show.

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  1. Oh, that sounds like so much fun! I go to the Taste of St. Louis, where something like 40 St. Louis restaurants have booths set up selling tastes to meals for not much money. Some really nice high end places, some pretty good midrange, no chains as far as I can tell. They have a stage set up and have a Top Chef type contest and various demonstrations. Last year I met Hubert Keller, a complete thrill. It's so much fun, and so tiring.

    Who but us would plan vacations around food events?

    1. Ludlow is the only one we regularly attend (in September). Love the Sausage Trail.

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        Have you guys heard about the Saint Louis Wine Festival taking place right now Sept 25-26th? This event is more wine and beer heavy with tastings from all around the world however there are also some very elite restaurants onsite as well. The 2010 Line Up: Asia, Burger Brothers, Café Cioccolato, Copia, House of Savoy, Jeff's Ruby Steakhouse, Lewy Nine's Café, and Roxane. Tickets at the door are $35 unless you're the designated driver. Hope you check it out.

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          Manchester's Food & Drink Festival starts this weekend.

        2. The one y'all are missing today is the Cornbread Festival in/near Chattanooga, Tennessee.

          I only know this because I was reading up on the gorgeous Lodge cast iron skillet I got in the mail Tuesday night (the kind with the stainless steel handles). Their annual event is the Cornbread Festival and this is the only day of the year that their foundry is open to the public, I read on their site.

          1. AC has different events every year, so I can't speak to the ones you list (except the Grand Market). The Grand Market is the best--large variety of foods, wines, spirits and beers to try. Warning, though, the first year was great, last year was so overcrowded I vowed never to return. They really should limit the number of tickets they sell per day.

            I had some events I really liked--a cooking demo by Tom Collichio for a limited audience that was very entertaining and informative. We also did a class in wine tasting (again, limited seating) that was also quite good.

            Then there was the beach party, which was a pretty pricy ticket. They moved the venue from the beach to the roof of one of the casinos. Again, too crowded. Also, the only refreshments offered was an assortment of candies and the bar--with very long lines--was cash. I thought for the price, food and drink would be included. So basically it was $75/pp for the privelege of standing on a casino roof, drinking expensive drinks and watching Ted Allen, et. al. sit on a raised platform.

            So I guess my advice is to enjoy the Grand Market if crowds don't bother you. For all other events, try to focus on the ones with limited ticket availability.

            1. Hubby and Have done The Taste Of Austin it is not a big grand foodie event but it is a lot of fun. We also have done a few smaller wine festivals in Texas wine country. Yes, Texas has a pretty good wine culture. In fact it was Texas that saved France during the great flux of something something by sending cuttings of flux resistant vines...annnnnyway. A Texas wine festival can be a blast.