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Apr 18, 2010 06:29 PM

Thank you Chicago

My wife and I just came back from our first trip to Chicago. What a great food town!!! We had some really amazing meals and Chowhound was an invaluable resource for finding good information on where to eat. A run down of our meals:

Hot Doug's--A great and creative selection of sausages. We need a place like this in Cleveland.
French Market--Saigon Sisters pork belly banh mi was outstanding. Really good frites at Frietkoten.
Mercat a la Planxa--A good lunch. Nothing outstanding, but a good meal that we were in the area for.
LB Bistro @ The Sheraton--A decent brunch buffet. Omelets and crepes were good, but I was hoping for a little more.

The Publican--Great, straight forward food. The country style pork rib was outstanding. The pork rinds were unbelievable. Really good beer selection.
Moto--Our first foray into molecular gastronomy. A really unbelievable meal. Clever conception with the flavors to back it up. Blown away by the Cuban cigar and the French Onion soup.
Graham Elliot--What a great atmosphere and food to back it up. Playful and delicious.
Purple Pig--Stopped for a bottle of wine and the charcuterie board. A couple of the salumis had some subtle, but complex flavors.

We are already talking about our next trip and all the great restaurants we can try.

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  1. "Mercat a la Planxa--A good lunch. Nothing outstanding, but a good meal that we were in the area for."'

    Thanks for your report. Always welcome.

    I find that Mercat can deliver a good value lunch for the area, but the quality and consistency of the offerings at noon are much below what the tapas crew can put out in the evening.