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Apr 18, 2010 06:15 PM

Kitsilano Daily Kitchen - another try in a tough spot

The former Mon Bella space (and many others before that) at 1809 W. 1st has been retaken by former chef Brian Fowke and renamed as "Kitsilano Daily Kitchen".

A quick look at the menu shows prices in the $10 - $16 range for apps and $26 - $35. for mains!
I'm sure the food will be excellent but it'll be interesting to see how these price points play out in that neighbourhood (or most neighbourhoods these days).

Mon Bella
1809 West 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6J 5B8, CA

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  1. One of the city's "suicide" locations. Chef Fowke has worked two of them in recent years (three if you count Metro). The menu does seem to go against the recent trends to go down-market. I wish him well.

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    1. re: fmed

      Thought I saw this place open Friday but since I was driving couldn't take a closer look-Oh for a chauffeur!

      And once I get the chauffeur I can afford the restaurant!

      Also note that the Google map shows the restaurant on a corner in what is a city park-it's actually located mid-block.

      1. re: fmed

        isn't that what basically killed metro, but at least there they could justify the 'view' surcharge, i also wish him well and with those prices he'll need it

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          Sigh. I was a big fan of Fowke after a really good dinner at Rare, so I wish him luck. This is going to be a tough go.

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            I really loved Rare, so I hope this new restaurant will do well. However, I haven't seen anything on Chef Fowke's menus since Rare (including Mon Bella and this new one) that look remotely as interesting as the items on the old Rare menu... so I don't know if I am that keen at that price point.

          2. Since we live at Kits Point we have a lot of restaurant choices, all walking distance. The Kitsilano Daily Kitchen is an excellent addition. Walked in the second night of opening and had an excellent meal and service. We liked it so much that we invited some friends the following weekend and had an equally delicious meal. We are spreading the word so this time chef Fowke will have better luck and stay open for years to come.

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            1. re: erika180

              Tell us more! What did you have? What are the wine prices like?

            2. This guy just doesn't get it! I wish him all the success in the world but how obvious is it that this concept just will not work in Vancouver right now?

              I hope I am proven wrong but I give this place 6 months.

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              1. re: waylman

                Like everything else he has touched, this one is doomed too.

                His financial backers must be idiots.

                1. re: waylman

                  Looks like you were :-)
                  I think just short of 5 years is a good run in this town, and in that spot.

                  Hope to visit AnnaLena, that is now in that space, soon. Hear good things.

                2. We went with a party of 6 on Thursday night to Kits Daily on 1st Ave. It was one of the best meals I have had in Vancouver. Like Bishops only much cheaper. Great atmosphere, great staff. I have to say at first I was a bit apprehensive due to the prices, but I was really, really impressed with the food. Fresh, everything home made and delicious. A very good selection of wines by the glass. I will be back.

                  1. I loved that place. I wish the chef and owners well, and will definitely try their new places.