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Apr 18, 2010 05:01 PM

Bailey's Prime Plus

Ok, I guess I'm completely out of it, but someone just told me about this place. I guess there are a couple of them. They went to the one across from Northpark. I really haven't seen anything out there about this place, but it is supposed to be swanky and good.

Anyone have thoughts?

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    1. I can't comment as I am mayor of the location in Allen on Foursquare. ;)

      1. Owned by one of the largest Mickie D's franchisees.

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        1. re: J.R.

          So I am guessing this mean it is not good? What is the bets steakhouse in Dallas? Nick and Sam's?

          1. re: steakrules85

            Went to the Fairview (Allen) location for lunch today and it was really delicious! Beautiful surroundings, but I was surprised that we were the only ones there. The meal started off with complimentary homemade potato chips and crudites accompanied by some sort of spicy dip that was out of this world. My entree was a jalapeno crusted sea bass with whipped yukon gold potatoes. The sea bass was perfectly cooked and not spicy at all. Serving size was unusually large with two filets and enough whipped potatoes for two. For dessert, I had some sort of pineapple panna cotta with pistachio biscotti. Very light and delicious. I think the entree price was about $17. I haven't had such a nice lunch in a long time. Highly recommend!!!

            1. re: flomogal

              The Fairview developers offered tennants amazing lease deals that hopefully should carry those tennants until the area is fully operational. I think Darth Vader got a discount using the Death Star until it was fully operational, too. That latter didn't work out so well due to design flaws.

              1. re: flomogal

                I wonder if the Allen location is really good or if the seafood is simply better than the steak. The DMN really slammed the Dallas location with only one star for their flavorless steaks.... twice. But in fairness, it was almost a year ago. Perhaps they've changed purveyors in that time.