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Apr 18, 2010 02:06 PM

Homemade Crunchy Spicy Tuna Roll

So I've been on a bit of a sushi kick lately and recently tried a spicy crunchy tuna roll at a restaurant. I know some crunchy rolls are either rolled in panko or deep fried, but in this one the tuna mixture itself was somehow crunchy. I'm looking for a way to replicate this in homemade sushi but wasn't sure how to go about it (and don't want to waste good tuna experimenting before I get some input). I thought about putting panko into the tuna mix but it seems that it would probably just get soggy. Should I pan-fry the panko first? Any ideas?


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  1. I always thought the "crunchy" in a "crunchy spicy tuna roll" was little pieces of fried-up tempura batter. That's how the menu descriptions usually read, anyway. I think panko would do the trick to try to replicate it at home. It shouldn't get soggy and I don't think you need to pan-fry it first.

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      Don't know exactly what OP had, but here in West LA, they serve a crispy spicy tuna roll, in which the rice is actually fried and crunchy. Just from memory, I think the sushi rice is formed then flash-fried, since it is brownish, and crispy.

      But they don't put something in the tuna that makes that element crunchy.

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        Oh, I apologize, then--please ignore my comment. I've never had a crispy spicy tuna roll like that...only the kind with tempura crunch in the tuna as I described above.

        Don't you have spicy tuna rolls with the crunchiness inside, though? Now I'm curious. The roll you described sounds interesting, though!

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          I don't think I've ever had one, if we do. As you know we have sushi restos on every corner here, so now I feel I must solve that mystery!!

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            katty, pretty much all the crunchy rolls at local sushi joints have bits of tempura crunch in them too! That's what came to my mind. I've had ones that were battered and flash-fried whole before being sliced but that seems less frequently done in my area.

      2. Well, I tried the panko method and the just sort of dissolved into the tuna mixture, so it looks like I'll be making some tempura batter... Thanks for the help!

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          If you have an Asian market near you, I'd go look for those crunchy bits. I've seen them next to the bags of panko - they look like leftover fried batter crumbles. Then you wouldn't have to make them (and you can keep the bag sealed and fresh!)

        2. Hey, SoCal kids, is this more along the lines of what you're talking about? I just found this today and remembered this thread. Checky, checky:

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            Yes, and I just found that link as well, and was just about to post it when I scrolled down and saw yours!! Did you notice no crunchies in the tuna itself, just the rice. They are AWESOME!!

            You are on top of it, Friend!!