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Seeking Weight Watchers breakfasts w/ Low Points

A friend and I are starting to use the WW points system on our own, we're not joining.

For me, the second half of the day is when I want the most to eat, although I could eat all day long if allowed. Because of that, I'm hoping to find satisfying breakfasts that will hold me over until lunch and that are very low in points so that I can go a bit overboard at supper. Sick as it is, I cannot sleep if I don't feel full so I need some points available at night.

I've never done WW before and my friend and I are about to get together to make menus and go shopping to stock our fridges and pantries. I own a couple of their cookbooks but breakfasts seem to be the area I can't get into focus. Actually, snack and sweet ideas would be very helpful, too. Any help you can offer will be most appreciated!

Starting my weight-loss countdown at 20 lbs...

Thank you, and wish us luck!

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  1. When I was doing WW I always had Light English Muffin (1 pt), 2 egg whites (0 pt) and Morningstar Veggie Sausage Patty (2 pt) for breakfast. Very filling and satisfying. Good luck!

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      I have the exact same thing, but with a thin slice of deli ham replacing the veggie patty. My trick is to use a small (about the diameter of a coffee cup) tupperware container, pour in the eggwhite and microwave for 30 seconds. Perfect fit.

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        I realize this is a year ago and they may've changed plans or point values, but my lite english muffin yesterday cost me 3 points, not 1, according to their tracker.

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          just after thanksgiving last year WW went to a new system based on fat, fiber, carbs and protein. english muffins and other bread-y items definately went up in points. my beloved eggo l/f nutrigrain waffles went from 1 to 4!

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            That's frustrating :( The thing I miss the most these last 3 days (!) that I've been counting points is my bread products. I've cut them down drastically. And that is my feel good food - a nice hunk of fresh crusty bread... Lite english muffins is a major step down for me in the bread dept, and to know that it is 3 points anyway kind of sucks... Thanks btw, for your tips on my other WW thread.

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              Always glad to help a fellow WW - I'm lifetime now so I'm fighting the maintanance fight... which to me is far scarier and harder than losing was. :)
              yeah, those light english muffins are "meh" in the flavor department. I'm really tempted to try making my own bread because I miss GOOD bread and nothing I've tried with a decent points value is really very tasty. it makes it difficult not to get carried away when confronted by rolls/bread at a restaurant.
              I'll have to search skinny taste - maybe she's got a recipe I can try out in my bread maker. :)

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                Let me know if you find one. I don't have a bread machine, but maybe could just stick it in my oven and say a prayer.

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                  I think I'll post over in the WW Foodies thread, see if anyone has a good one.

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                Try TJ's sprouted rye for your breakfast sandwiches. Only 1 pt per slice and quite tasty.

        2. I'm not on WW but I am careful about what I eat...and breakfast is important to me also...what about oatmeal (not the trashy instant kind!)...that you make yourself WITH some walnuts and raisins? The walnuts are great to help sustain you til lunch (works for me but of course may not work for you, I realize) and offer the added benefit of Omega 3's...raisins will provide some sweetness so that you don't need to add sugar...maybe?...and cinnamon is also a somewhat sweet-tasting spice. Would that fit your plan do you think?

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            don't forget steel-cut oats - they can be even more satisfying.

            and gram for gram, you get the most fiber and protein per calorie with oat bran.

            regardless of the grain, i always stir a scoop of protein powder (no sugar added) into my hot cereal. keeps me satisfied for HOURS.

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              Wow I never thought about using protein powder...does it really help with holding off hunger? Do you ever use it in dinner meals or late lunches too to prevent unwise snacking?
              Is it flavorless?

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                But if you add walnuts to oats, why add protein powder also? To me, it's overkill, just saying. And, then if you add milk, it's even more protein.

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                  Yeah, I agree. I've tried various brands of protein powder in oatmeal, and none of them are what I would call good eats. They all make the texture weird, and some have unpleasant flavor when eaten hot that aren't there in cold shakes, etc. To each her own, but I'll stick with nuts unless I have points for a poached egg and some scallions and nori, which is 2 added points on WW, btw. I've also added an ounce of leftover shredded chicken breast to oatmeal with scallions and kizami (shredded, toasted) nori or even leftover salmon fillet. Both are good if you like a savory breakfast.

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                    @eviemichael, protein takes longer for your body to digest than carbohydrates, so yes, it does increase and extend satiety. fat can serve the same purpose, but it's obviously more calorie-dense and will cost you more WW points. and to answer your snacking question, every single time i eat, there's some protein involved. i'm not talking a 10-ounce steak 5 times a day - for snacks it's maybe just an egg white or two, a couple of tablespoons of hummus or bean dip, a container of Greek yogurt, a piece of light string cheese, a few nuts - but you'll never see me eat *just* a piece of fruit, or *just* a handful of chips. i'm not diabetic but i do have mild insulin & blood sugar "issues," and this is the best way for me to remain on an even keel at all times. the beauty of it is that unless i somehow miss a snack and don't eat for hours on end (which is extremely rare), i'm never ravenous, so i don't have the urge to just dive in and go to town on whatever i can get my hands on. and yes, though i prefer to eat whole foods the majority of the time, i do occasionally use protein powder as a between-meal snack if it's the only option (e.g when i'm on the road) or if i'm really craving something sweet and it's the most sensible option at the time (e.g. before bed). i like to mix it with unsweetened almond milk and a few drops of stevia.

                    @Val, it's about serving size and calorie density. the OP requested low-point options, so let's compare them in WW terms:
                    one ounce of walnuts = 5 points, 180 calories, 18g fat and 4g protein
                    a scoop of protein powder (average) = 1 or 2 points, 100 calories, 2g fat and 18 g protein.
                    so in the interest of keeping the points down, if you swap out some or most of the walnuts for protein powder, you come out ahead. (there's also the matter of how many total calories one can metabolize and should consume in a single sitting, but that's a discussion for another thread!)

                    @amyzan, the texture is tricky - you have to whisk it in AFTER the grains are completely cooked. i learned that the hard way after many bowls of curdled protein - ick. and if the cereal is flavored/seasoned well, you shouldn't notice the taste. i also use a really mild powder so it's easy to mask if i need to.

                    i try to stay away from anything with artificial sweeteners or colors in it, so my preferred protein brand is Jay Robb. it's not cheap, but i don't mind paying a premium for a less processed product.

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                            Yeah, that's the brand I've been using lately, ghg. I like that it's sweet but not too sweet. So, please, if you have a minute, do you mean that you wait until the oatmeal's cooled to whisk it in, then reheat? or do you just mean to whisk it in after the oatmeal's poured into a bowl and cooled somewhat? 'Cause I can't seem to make it work for me.

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                              prepare the oatmeal so the consistency is a bit thicker than the way you'd actually like to eat it, then make a *protein slurry* by whisking the powder with just enough cool water to dissolve it. then whisk/fold the slurry into the oatmeal while it's still really hot - the addition of that small amount of cool water plus the extra whisking/aeration should get it to the right consistency AND cool it down just enough so it's the right temp for eating. it took me seemingly *forever* to figure out how it make it work, but this is my go-to method now, and i never get any clumps or curdling anymore! it should work with any of the Jay Robb proteins - whey, egg or brown rice.

                              let me know how it goes if you try it this way!

                2. I've not done WW, but am a long-time calorie counter and I generally eat very healthily. I like to eat more as the day goes on, too . . . have you tried Greek Yogurt? If you get the non-fat plain kind, it's very low-cal, and very high protein. You can top it with cut fruit and a drizzle of honey for pretty low cal/points and it'll keep you feeling satisfied for a while. Also low-fat cottage cheese - a regular breakfast for me is 1/2 c. LF cottage cheese w/cinnamon mixed in, topped with mixed berries (raspberries, blueberries, strawberries) - no sugar/honey so it's very cheap for cals. Good luck to you on your mission!


                  1. I enjoy cottage cheese with flax seed and agave nector (lil). I also love those arnold sandwich thins - I think they are only 1 point, I'll toast and put on a thin layer of peanut butter, 1/2 sliced banana.

                    snacks, I love making my own pita chips with those low carb pita breads, I spray with pam and my favorite herbs (cumin is great with garlic, lil parm too).

                    good luck, baby bell cheese wheels are only one point, love them. On ww, I found I ate a lot more veggies and fruit as snacks. cut up carrots and celery because my friend with hummus.

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                      yep...listen to lex-- ditch the pita chips...trashy carbs...stick with veggies and hummus, cucumber slices are especially good with hummus, too!

                      1. re: Val

                        i also love radishes for hummus dipping.

                      2. re: lexpatti

                        The sandwich thins are 3 points under the not so new points plus system alas. You might like Cabot 50% reduced fat rectangles from Costco... only 1 pt each for real cheese.

                      3. -Whole Wheat La Tortilla Factory tortilla toasted with low-fat cheese (love the soy cheddar-jack-mozzarella from TJ's); fold and serve with salsa for a healthy quesadilla

                        Scooped wheat bagel toasted with low fat cheese and filled with a little salsa and/or fat free or low fat cottage cheese

                        -Baked Apple - cored, stuffed with cinnamon, and placed in a dish with diet 7-up, then bake or nuke

                        Oat Pancakes - mix some oats with egg whites, stevia, cinnamon and vanilla - fry in Pam sprayed pan, and serve with some low sugar jam

                        Miso Soup w/ greens and tofu or egg whites

                        1. I've done Weight Watchers for 3 years now. my breakfasts include:
                          steel cut oats with pumpkin, banana, applesauce or peanut butter.
                          100 cal english muffin sandwich with egg beaters and canadian bacon
                          egg beaters scrambled with low point meat - canadian bacon or the oscar meyer quick cook bacon, veggies and l/f cheese on a la tortilla wrap.
                          the thomas 100 cal english muffins are very good, as well as their new bagel thins.

                          if you go to weightwatchers.com you can create a profile and read/post to the message boards w/o paying for the program. the two I find particularly useful (altho not always chow-worthy) are the recipe review and food find boards. the weight watchers site also has a good variety of recipes, breakfast included. today's featured recipe is whole wheat spaghetti carbonara. earlier this week it was asparagus risotto.

                          if you'd like my recipe for pumpkin steel cut oats I'd be happy to post it - it's only 2 points per serving.

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                              makes four 1 cup servings
                              1 cup steel cut oats
                              3 cups water
                              1 cup pumpkin puree
                              1 Tblsp brown sugar
                              pumpkin pie spice to taste - I use a tablespoon or so
                              1/2 tsp salt

                              whisk the all ingredients except oats together in a sauce pan and bring to a boil, add oatmeal and cook according to package directions. mine says to keep on high about 5 minutes then simmer for 25 minutes. It does bubble a lot, so I cover with a splatter guard to keep the stove clean.

                              sometimes I use 1 cup of lite fat free vanilla soy milk instead of 1 of the cups of water.

                              I divide this up into 1 cup portions and reheat in the mornings as needed. 1 cup = 2 points. In the fall Silk makes a pumpkin spice soy milk that I love on top of this oatmeal. :)

                              1. re: jujuthomas

                                Thank you! It sounds delicious, I'll definitely make it. It also sounds like one that'd hide a bit of protein powder well because of the flavors added but I'll make it as you wrote it before making any changes.
                                Thanks again. I can't tell you how much all of this does for me. I am NOT GOOD at this dieting thing and am very grateful for your ideas and recipes.

                          1. I used the points system several years ago to lose 55 pounds after being a caregiver before my grandad passed. I got out of control with stress eating and no personal time/inactivity, but WW and exercise dvds helped enormously. It can be challenging to find delicious chowish foods while on WW, but it can be done. The system may have changed a bit, but I imagine the basics are the same. So, I will recommend you read labels and look for products that are high in protein and fiber, and low in sugars. For instance, unsweetened almond milk will be much lower in points than cow's milk. Blue Diamond brand has added calcium. This way you can have a whole cup of almond milk on your high fiber, low sugar cereal for one point, or cook oatmeal in something more tasty than water. There are english muffins that are high fiber, and thus only one point for both halves. Three egg whites is one point, and with a reduced fat slice of cheese or an unsweetened, 50 calorie sausage patty like Diestel, you can have an english muffin sandwich for three points. I also ate a lot of steel cut oats with a quarter ounce walnuts for three points.

                            For snacks, I'd often fix a plate with lots of raw vegetable and some zero point dip of Annie's yogurt dill dressing or a homemade version with Penzey's green goddess mixed into plain lowfat yogurt. The zero point soup recipe is also a good one, if it's not hot in Chicago yet, a cup of that with some crackers and cheese in the evenings would send you to bed satisfied.

                            The Skinny Cow, Blue Bunny, and WW brand frozen treats were always popular at my meetings, but I couldn't eat them b/c of allergies, so can't vouch. Fruit like strawberries, pears and cantaloupe that are full of fiber and water give you more fruit for your point's value. I tried to always eat fruit after a meal or with a source of protein when a snack, so that the sugar didn't start any cravings.

                            I would often treat myself to a delicious cheese I'd eat an ounce at a time for two points. That way, I didn't feel deprived, which I think is important to long term success. I'm not recommending cheese in particular, but just figure out what works for you, and sort out how to have a portion every once in a while. Some people did the same thing with dark chocolate that's lower in sugar and high in fiber, the ones that are 74% cocoa solids or higher. Some people at meetings liked to keep snack size baggies with an ounce of nuts in the car, in case they were running late from work and got hungry. Most nuts are three points an ounce.

                            Finally, I'm glad you have a friend you're doing this with, because some form of accountability is important. I wish you luck, and let me know if I can help!

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                              So many great ideas. I had forgotten about Skinny Cow, will pick some up. Aldi sells a package of Moser Roth chocolate that includes 5 individually wrapped bars, 150 cals each. Last night I had one, dark chocolate with orange and almond. It was a delicious and satisfying splurge that I had planned for. Pre-points consciousness I wouldn't have stopped at one. This really does seem like a smart plan.
                              Thank you for the good wishes and help! I finally feel like I'll really lose these 20 lbs. My friend is reading here, too, and we both thank you.

                            2. I haven't done this in a while but would use those lil muffin pans and do crustless quiche with those egg beaters - keep them in a zip lock for on the run bfast.

                              I love those lil muffin tins - I recently did crab cakes in them and keep in the freezer - I'm sure you can make a very low point crab cake or salmon cake for an afternoon snack.

                              another thing I learned is that fresh parm, shaved on anything spreads the flavor big time vs the jar stuff (lil goes a longer way). fresh herbs too make a big difference in flavors.

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                                I used to make those with spinach, red pepper, and turkey bacon or chard and parmesan and swiss cheese. They're satisfying, and quick if you make them ahead and microwave them for sandwiching between toast or a one point english muffin. Asparagus and ham would be good this time of year when the local asparagus comes in. I kept hearing from WW that you can microwave the egg beaters in a plastic baggie for a quick "omelet." But, honestly, microwaving in plastic scares me, so I never tried it.

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                                  Eggo whole-wheat waffle topped with diced strawberries sweetened with a little Splenda and topped with some Cool Whip Free. Only a couple of points.

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                                    TIP--Buy paper bowls (like plates), pour in you Egg Beats or liquid egg whites (whatever), microwave 1 minutes for about 1 half cup. The eggs set, light and fluffy. Put any toppings on one side and rund a fork underneath it all, flip over the one side, and viola!!! You have a quick easy omelet, and can just throw out the bowl if serving on a plate or enjoy as is. The cooking time may vary of course for your micro. Experiement.

                                  2. re: lexpatti

                                    i just made little mini "quiches" for dinner tonight -- i put them in quote because for me they're allergen free...

                                    for "Crusts" on some i just layered zucchini slices on the bottom, and for a few i combined some TVP with a little cornmeal and sprinkled in my muffin tins. i did some variations -- some with crab, caramelized onions, garlic, some scallop... a little parsley on some... i used egg whites, rice milk, and a little arrowroot powder to thicken, salt pepper, etc etc.

                                  3. Wow, thank you all for your help! Your ideas and information will go to very good use.

                                    Armed with this info we went to Costco and bought 100 cal whole wheat english muffins, eggs, fish and chicken, produce galore, plain low-fat yogurt, baby bell cheeses, and for a snack, hummus in individual serving sizes and pretzel crisps.

                                    I love oatmeal with fruit and nuts, will try the protein powder to lower points.

                                    Planning to make a slim version of salmon patties and some crustless quiches for the freezer.

                                    I love greek yogurt but usually buy the ordinary kind and strain it. So satisfying and I enjoy both sweet and savory so there are lots of options there.

                                    You've been so helpful, we will refer to this thread often for ideas and inspiration and to read any new posts. Thank you all so much for being there for us. :)

                                    Oh, I wanted to tell you that we went to the prepared foods bar at Whole Foods to buy our supper and some inspiration last night. This allowed us to try small amounts of several different quinoa salads as well as nicely prepared vegetables etc. We are determined to succeed and will have delicious food as we go. Thanks, again.

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                                    1. re: bon oeuf

                                      sounds like you're off to a great start :) a word of caution - draw from the prepared foods selection at WFM for inspiration as much as you want/need, but limit your actual *consumption* of their stuff and make it yourself instead. they have a tendency to go overboard with the fat and salt.

                                      definitely keep us posted, and don't hesitate to ask for any additional help or ideas!

                                      1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                                        Thanks, goodhealthgourmet.

                                        We won't be eating at Whole Foods often, we just went to taste new things and get ideas. It worked, our rice cookers will be working overtime. :)

                                        Thanks for your interest and kindness. I hope to be able to return with good news soon.

                                        1. re: bon oeuf

                                          get creative with those whole grains - experiment beyond rice! barley, quinoa, buckwheat groats, wheatberries, millet, spelt, teff, kamut...so many possibilities! if you search the board for threads with these terms you'll find plenty of inspiration and recipes. have fun :)

                                          1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                                            Yes, that's what I meant by the rice cooker getting a workout. I use mine to cook quinoa, lentils, and rice. I'll take your advice and look up ways to use the other grains. I'm excited!

                                              1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                                                Wow, thank you goodhealthgourmet. I have barley in the cupboard and am home today. Hopefully I can carve out some time to make something new. Dieting will be alot more doable for me if I can still have fun with food and recipes. I really want quick and easy foods to make but reading recipes is a great pleasure for me. It will be very helpful to focus on healthy ones.

                                    2. Here is what works for me: For breakfast ~ 1 C Crispix cereal and 1 C 1% milk + half a grapefruit. Between 10 and 11 in the morning I have a snack which consists of some combination of a pear, a prepackaged stick of cheddar, a cup of Yoplait Yumsters or a handful of almonds and probably comes out to 100 - 200 calories. I really like having my food routines so this is what I eat most work days (because it's satisfying, and because it makes it easier figuring out what to buy at the grocery store each week).

                                      The mid morning snack is key!!! (I work in elementary teaching which makes it more socially acceptable...)

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                                      1. re: Memily_G

                                        i agree, a mid morning snack has been crucial to my ww success! I have a couple hard boiled egg whites, a nutrigrain bar, or even some Krab with coctail sauce. protein seems to work best for me. I also have the campbells soup in hand in my desk, the tomato, and chicken with mini noodles are low points and not awful.

                                        1. re: Memily_G

                                          Ok, today I had raisin bran and milk. I'll plan to have yogurt and grapefruit mid-morning. Fortunately I love plain yogurt and strain it until it's really thick so it's very satisfying. I think 2 minis like that will suit me better than just breakfast.

                                          Thanks, Memily.

                                          And juju, I'm not a big canned soup lover even though we do eat it sometimes, but I love Campbell's tomato soup! It is total comfort food for me. Great idea to have that around for a quick something.

                                          1. re: bon oeuf

                                            just make sure to not get the creamy tomato - way more points than the classic tomato.

                                        2. I make bran pancakes that are delicious and only 1 point each (for a good sized pancake, too, 1/4 cup of batter per pancake). I make a big batch quite frequently, and enjoy them straight out of the fridge as a quick breakfast or snack. This is the recipe I use:


                                          But I use the lower-calorie version described at the end. I use half healthy oil/half applesauce, egg beaters instead of eggs, and splenda instead of sugar.

                                          I tend to eat six small mini-meals rather than three larger meals, and two of the pancakes keep me satisfied for several hours.

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                                            I make a blt with 3 pieces of turkey bacon made in the microwave, a big slice of tomato, a dab of light mayo on a slice of toasted whole wheat bread. It is so good and satisfying.

                                            1. re: DaisyM

                                              mmm... blt... now i gotta go get a slicing tomato! :)

                                            2. re: modthyrth

                                              I find an oatbran pancake with some smoked salmon is an incredibly satisfying breakfast. I mix together 1.5 tbsp of oatbran with the same amount of fromage frais and an egg. Season and fry in a small pan with a spray of oil. Serve with 50g of smoked salmon or gravadlax. This fills me up until lunchtime and is only around 200 cals.

                                            3. Hmmm, I've been sauteing cherry tomatoes in just a little bit of oil. I leave them on medium-high heat until they wrinkle a little, then add in eggs. Or I saute other veggies or sliced deli meat, then add in eggs. Also, I like the combo of black beans, eggs, salsa, maybe avocado in a toasted wheat pita. My husband is sick to death of eggs, however, so he has been having a cup of soup every morning for breakfast, with a toasted wheat pita to dip in. Some of the soups I have made have included turkey black bean chili, lentils with turkey kielbasa, ham and potato, etc. And we do steel-cut oats, too, but that is about all we've come up with so far!

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                                              1. re: karspeak

                                                bon oeuf, hate to single you out but gotta ask.....how did you make out on WW?

                                                1. re: millygirl

                                                  I've been doing WW 5 weeks, and I've lost 7 pounds so far, which I'm thrilled about. It's been those last few pounds that I just could NOT get off... This is my third time doing WW. The first time went great, then I had a baby, the second time was really difficult for some reason, then I had a baby, and now it's going really well again. This will be my first time trying to maintain a certain weight long term, so we'll see how that goes. Good luck, kick some ass!

                                                  1. re: karspeak

                                                    Oops, sorry, replied to wrong post!

                                              2. I love all the suggestions here. I am a big fan of Vitalicious muffins and muffin tops. They also make English muffins. All these are 100 calories each, packed with vitamins, minerals, protein. And, they're delicious! They've just introduced a 150 calorie egg sandwich. You can find them in the frozen food section, and online, vitalicious.com

                                                The website hungry-girl.com has lots of great recipes. She does give you the ww pts for everything she prepares.

                                                1. a favorite sunday morning breakfast for us is pancakes made from fiber one original pancake mix. I smash up a couple bananas, add some blueberries, strawberries or a sprinkle of chocolate chips depending on our mood. I like the mix because it doesn't have any dairy in it, I've not found a recipe with the same ppv that doesn't have dairy in it. the serving size is 3 pancakes and it's 5 ppv per serving.

                                                  1. hey weight watcher folks, how ya doin tonight?
                                                    I've checked online to find the points on steel cut oats.
                                                    can't find. anyone know? love these crunchy gems
                                                    for breakfast with cinnamon/vanilla/1T real maple syrup

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                                                    1. re: iL Divo

                                                      A 1 cup serving of cooked SCO is 4, points or PP the value is the same. (IIRC)

                                                      1. re: jujuthomas

                                                        Yes, the label on my box comes up to 4 PP, too. I also add a chopped banana and cinnamon to the last few minutes of the cooking oats, and the banana becomes all gooey and really flavors the whole bowlful. Yum.

                                                        At 6 yrs "legal" as a Lifer.

                                                        1. re: pine time

                                                          Thanks for confirming, Pine Time... I buy mine in bulk so no label to consult. :)

                                                      2. re: iL Divo

                                                        If you have a smart phone, WW has an app (free) that is a bar code scanner. You can scan anything and it calculates the points, then you can add it to your tracker. It's a separate app from the regular WW one, but they work in tandem. I tried to see of it worked on store brand stuff and it works. It is really cool. So you can scan the barcode on the steel cut oats can and it will tell you the point value for one serving.

                                                        1. re: pcdarnell

                                                          I just tried out that WW scanning app...very cool! I took a few things out of my cabinets and refrigerator and it came up with the correct point values. There were a few products that weren't in the system, but definitely handy! Thanks!

                                                          1. re: valerie

                                                            I eat oatmeal every morning on WW and for 4 points I am satisfied for the entire morning. I use regular rolled oats (déclassé', I know), put 1/2 cup in a microwave proof bowl, sprinkle with cinnamon and salt, top with a chopped apple and water up to the top of the oats. I then nuke for 2.5 minutes and top with splenda. I love it. I have also added canned pumpkin, or used diced pears.
                                                            A great breakfast which keeps me full for hours and at 4 points, a bargain.

                                                            1. re: docfood

                                                              Ohhhh, pumpkin! About how much do you add?

                                                              1. re: pine time

                                                                about a 1/2 cup by eyeball. I mix it with the oatmeal first before adding the water. It is lovely, particularly if you top it with a dollop of fat free fage.

                                                      3. We (DW and I) have been on WW for the last 8 months and enjoyed it. We have a small farm so we're hungry for breakfast by 9:30 - 10, so I can build up the main with some free stuff. I can make an easy omelet by spraying a pan and sauteeing a half an onion, then adding ca 4 oz mushrooms. Then I'll whip up 2 jumbo eggs and add them to the other ingredients, cooking on very low heat. Put a cover on that and cook for 2 mins. The add 2 slices of WW diet cheese (1 to each side), cover again, and in 2 minutes or so, fold over and cut in two. Each half is 3 points.

                                                        Btw, we also have fruit with breakfast, apples, oranges, clemantines, pineapple, whtever is in season. Fruit is free in WW.