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Where to buy a fresh lobe of foie?

Does anyone have any recommendations on where I can pick up a lobe (or half) in the South Bay or West LA area??

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  1. Cheese shop of Beverly Hills. Bristol Farms sometimes carrys them. I used to get them from Bristol in Westlake; usually a day or two order unless it's Christmas time.

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      They're REALLY pricey. Try Surfas. They used to be reasonable with whole lobes.

    2. Surfas in Culver City had single lobes shrink-wrapped when I was there yesterday.

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        It looks like a cafe to me from the website.. Do they also sell market goods there?

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          surfas originally started as a store and added on the cafe in the last couple years.

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            Ahh.. Thanks for the explanation. =)

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            But they have some stuff that's frozen. I can't remember the name, but they're like medallions of foie. I know you said whole and fresh, but whatever you do - DON'T cave and buy these frozen things. They suck. Really suck.

          3. Know if any of these places carry Hudson Valley foie?

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              IIRC, it was. But I would call them first to make sure.

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                IIRC? Not sure what that is.. Is that the name of a market or something?

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                  i think the poster was referring to hudson valley foie being sold at surfas.

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                    IIRC stands for if I recall correctly, a new computer type of lingo.

              2. I saw it at Guidi Marcello in SM a couple of weeks ago.

                Guidi Marcello
                1649 10th St, Santa Monica, CA

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                  just got off the phone with a person at guido and they do not carry fresh foie.

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                    Hmmm. I could have sworn it was in the refrigerator and not the freezer!

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                      i was excited when i saw your post, that's why i called them because they are near me. but the person that answered said they do not carry fresh foie. bummer.

                2. Maybe too far East for you but I think I've seen them for sale at one of the poultry butchers at the Farmers Market on Third and Fairfax.

                  1. Within ease and reason, your best bet is probably to order a whole, fresh (raw) lobe of foie directly from Hudson Valley Foie Gras. Their product is sourced from Moulard ducks specially raised and fed on their exclusive 200-acre facility in Ferndale, NY.

                    You can order a minimum 1.5 lb, Grade “A” lobe packaged and shipped to your door overnight for about $100. It is excellent in both taste and texture. It will remain fresh in your refrigerator for up to 5 days, but it is best to prepare and consume it immediately. The quantity will afford you the option of several preparatory methods.


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                      Yea.. I wanted to see if I could avoid shipping charges. =)

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                        or you can order fresh lobes from sonoma artisan (support CA farmers). i do during the holiday and their stuff rocks.

                        my friends and i usually place a large order and share in the shipping costs and it typically comes out to be @ $50-55/lb shipped for grade A fresh foie lobes.

                        1. re: wilafur

                          I just looked at shipping at Sonoma Artisan one 1.3 lb liver $65.00 and $ 37.50 to ship over night no ground shipping.
                          Hudson Valley 1.5 lb liver $ 71.05 and $ 27.00 to ship overt night or $8.00 UPS ground.

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                            interesting how it costs less to ship overnight from NY than a mere 370miles. lols.

                      2. Thanks for the suggestions! I ordered my 1.5 lb lobe from Surfas (should be ready for pick up today or tomorrow) which sources it from Hudson Valley for 69.99/lb, no shipping charges! Yay!