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Apr 18, 2010 09:40 AM

Brooklyn Chinatown Cheap Seafood Market Wanted

I'm looking for a super cheap seafood market, like the ones in Manhattan's Chinatown, but in Brooklyn. I'm in Prospect Heights, so I'm figuring the closest place is on Eighth Avenue in Sunset Park. Any favorites or suggestions? TIA

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  1. I don't have a specific one in mind, but I have bought fish from the markets on 8th Avenue many times and have always been satisfied. Fin fish, shrimp, clams. All fine. I prefer a larger, busier fish market -- makes me feel like things are more successful, potentially cleaner, more popular means maybe that locals are more into it. Hope this helps!

    1. Try Great Wall at 6722 Ft. Hamilton Pkwy- it's just a few blocks from BK Chinatown. They have a free underground parking lot, and plenty of metered street parking as well. Their 2lb+ lobsters have been $5.98/lb for most of the summer. It's a full supermarket with an amazing selection of eastern & western produce at super low prices, and the store is much cleaner than most. Also try the fish market on the corner of 18th Ave & 70th St- it's cash only,but worth it. Last year they had whole bluefish for $.99/lb