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Apr 18, 2010 08:22 AM

Feedback on our prize trip at the Ritz

Thanks to everyone on this board who has gotten me this far in my planning.

We won that trip at the Ritz (throw tomatoes now) for my husband and I to have our first time alone since becoming parents, so this trip feels so much more significant to us than our honeymoon (when we took alone time for granted back in the day).

We need to spend "consciously" but we are going to have two nice meals, so the rest, I am looking for the 30-40EU menu range or less. We enjoy walking, so I prefer to stay in areas concentrated near the 1,2,8, 16, 7, 6th, 5th, 4th for the small amount of time we are there.

Thursday arrival:
thinking of simple tea room lunch/snack (not knowing if we will have an appetite) at something like Jean Paul Hevin, or other suggestions. By the time we get out, it may be after 2pm, so I need something serving between 2-5. Carb eye candy sounded fun to welcome us to Paris.

Thursday Dinner:
Ze Kitchen Gallerie- can anyone tell me if there is a dinner menu, or if the 35 Eu is lunch only?

Need someplace here to take a leisurely stroll around the 16th. (First planned on lunch at L'Astrance, but decided it would be fun to do a nice dinner one night instead)
Dinner at Senderens

Lunch: Need someplace while strolling around the 6th or 7th and Jardin de Luxembourg area. (I have resisted CLJ and Le Comptoir de Relais for reasons I cannot articulate )

Having dinner with local friends who live in the Marais at Le Gaigne

Wondered if afternoon tea at Le Meurice would be worth anything since the pastry chef is supposed to be excellent. Also if maybe Le Bristol offered tea in their courtyard. How would this compare to tea in London? Purpose is to find a place for nice conversation with our local friends after taking a tour of the old Opera House. Doesn't have to be tea.

Dinner at Fish

Lunch at Le Cinq
Dinner at Maceo (Where I assume we can order lightly)

We are off to spend the night at Versailles and know to avoid the Gordon Ramsey place. Other ideas in town?

Thank you to Souphe and John Talbot for many of these ideas.

I welcome any comments and feedback before we send off the reservation list soon.

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  1. Light lunch (or tea) on Thursday, Jean Paul Hevin is good or what about Laduree on rue Royale (a nice old place) both are close to the Ritz, and you can pick up a Hermes bag as you pass the shop.

    ZKG only does the menu at lunch, in the evenings it gets expensive quite quickly (unless it has changed).

    Le Comptoir is good for Saturday strolling, you can't book and can have a snack, but in this area there are lots of places. Christian Constant offers some good cheap options in rue St Dominique.

    My partner has 'teaed" at Le Bristol and she really enjoyed it, although it was with the girls and involved much Champagne (yes similar to London).

    Maceo, yes you can order as lighly as you wish, and Thierry Bourbonnais has a very light touch anyway so few dishes are heavy.

    Why avoid Ramsay at Versailles? I have had a couple of very good meals at the La Veranda (the more casual restaurant). I know one of the chefs, Sean Burbidge has returned to London to launch Ramsay's much lauded Petrus but Simone Zanoni is still there and he is very good.

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    1. re: PhilD

      "ZKG only does the menu at lunch, in the evenings it gets expensive quite quickly (unless it has changed)." It has not.

      "Why avoid Ramsay at Versailles? I have had a couple of very good meals at the La Veranda (the more casual restaurant)." Yes. I have eaten at tons, well, dozens of places in V and there's no there there except the Veranda, and the view at lunch is spectacular.

      1. re: PhilD

        OK, so maybe we should do ZKG on Saturday for lunch instead and find a more reasonably priced first night dinner. I would like to be near Ile de la Cite area in the 5th or 4th, so maybe Au Fil des Saisons?

        Phil, which Christian Constant places do you like? I enjoyed his website at your suggestion. They all look good.

        1. re: hbfoodie7

          I like them all, but if you are looking for a casual lunch then the Cafe Constant and Les Coccottes in rue Saint Dominique are good, however my favourite is "Les Fables de La Fontaine", a fish specialist, it was a CC place but I think he has now sold it to the young team he hired and mentored when he started it.

          Alternatively if you are near Luxenbourg Gardens head for the other Christian Constants (the cholatier - no relation) cafe at 37 rue Assas

          1. re: hbfoodie7

            ZKG is closed Saturday lunch (but ergo open Monday lunch) but his sister ship KGB is open Sat lunch and is similar enough and even more reasonable to be highly recommended.