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Apr 18, 2010 05:51 AM

Union Restaurant

I went to Union for dinner last night and the food was amazing! The table shared a plate of elk sliders to start...they sound weird but are they ever good. I had the pickerel special,(pan fried in butter...simple but very tasty) 2 others had the pasta special(some sort of spicy sausage combo served on paperdelle noodles) and one had the steak...(good but boring in my opinion). They brought a plate of frites and some sort of warm potato salad for the table. Both items were very good! It has a bistro atmosphere. It was noisy so keep that in mind. My one criticism would be that we waited 25 minutes for our drinks to arrive. People who arrived after us were being served first. We had to ask him where they were. The cost per person including tax and tip was $60. We did not have coffee or dessert. Overall it was very good and I would go again.

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  1. Thanks for this! I've been meaning to check this place out.

    1. We were there last night too and had an amazing meal as well. There were 4 of us and we were seated at the chef's bar at the foot of the kitchen. We also started with the elk sliders which were amazing, and then we had the charcuterie platter, which was also excellent. I am not a big mustard fan but the 'triple crunch' mustard and dijon on the platter were spectacular. For our mains, two of us had the sausage pasta of the day, one had the fish and the other had a chicken supreme. I thought my pasta was spectacular and thought everything in the dish was perfectly seasoned and worked well together. I had a bite of the fish which I found to be a bit too fishy for my taste and a little boring. Unfortunately I didn't try the chicken but was told it was wonderful. For dessert we had a sample plate of the desserts that day: chocolate brownie/cake, carrot cake, bread pudding and apple crisp. They were all pretty good but nothing spectacular. We all thoroughly enjoyed our meals but I do agree it is quite loud. We were not even in the thick of it since we were by the kitchen but I could appreciate the noice level since the tables are so close together.

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        My girlfriend and I were also there on Friday night and also sat at the chef's bar. Some people have warned that the chef's bar can be a little awkard because the bar is so close to the chairs. It didn't really bother me or my girlfriend but I can see how it may be uncomfortable for some. The spot is really nice with exposed brick and a rustic wall mural. I had haddock cakes to start and they were perfectly cooked and a generous portion served with a really nice saffron aioli and a tasy little slaw. My girlfriend had the elk sliders and they were amazing. Cooked perfectly medium rare and drizzled with a sweet galangal glaze. I could have eaten those again for the main. Instead I had the fish special which was pickerel with a noisette butter. It was cooked well, not overdone and seasoned well but I agree that it could have used a little bit of something to really make it stand out. My girlfriend ordered the pork chop special and recieved a perfectly cooked generously portioned piece of meat that had a beautiful char on the outside. It was served with a ramps emulsion and it was delicious. As well each dish is served with a family style dish of potatoes. One is a frites with a ailoi and the other is a smashed potatoes preparation. Both were absolutely amazing. The frites were golden and the ailoi was seasoned well and had a great consistency. The smashed potatoes were just straight up excellent comfort food. Oh, and for dessert we split a brulleed bread pudding that was delicious. We had a mixed drink and a pint as well as a glass of wine each and with tax and tip it came out to about 160 bucks if I remember correctly. Excellent value and wouldn't hesitate to return.

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          Glad to hear you enjoyed it, and the chefs bar, jamesm! I'll have to make a return visit soon.