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Apr 18, 2010 05:04 AM

Looking for Mid-range appliances

Doing some research to outfit a new kitchen and am looking at what is currently out there in the upper part of mid-range and cost. Not in the Wolf+Sub-zero snack bracket.

My understanding is KitchenAid is not as good as it once was, despite it's popularity and priciness.

GE Profile and Bosch are supposed to be good.

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  1. There are quite a few brands for you to research. What appliances do you need, and do you need the appliances brand names to match for some reason?

    Different name brands might fit your needs better. If this is YOUR kitchen, and you need certain appliances to do certain things, it's best to buy the best appliance for the job you need it to do, not to buy an appliance just because the brand name matches some other appliance.

    Gas or electric for oven?
    gas, electric or induction for cooktop?
    Sep oven / cooktop or range?
    Double wall oven? Convection?
    American or European style dishwasher?
    Price Range?

    I'd think about what you NEED first, and then whittle down your choices from there.
    If you just need a range, and a dw, and a Fridge, buy the cheap ones and put a good warranty on them. If you do a lot of wok cooking, and party hosting, then you need a burner that can crank out some btu's and a hood that will vent it properly. You might also need a dw that can crank through cycles, or has an adjustable opt drawer for extra plates or extra long stemware. You might not want a side by side friedge if you keep trays of food.
    Maybe you need a convection micriowave?

    If you really use your kitchen, don't limit yourself to buying one brand of appliance unless it has everything you need - you might be missing out. Also, when you figure out what your needs are, dig a little bit further into your research. You might be surprised to find that a different company makes the appliance you are thinking about as a choice, but the appliance you are thinking about just has a new logo and name slapped on it.

    P.s. do NOT discount service issues from your research. No matter what you buy, if the company has service repair issues, then you'll be pi$$ed. When I bought my new appliances last year and had issues, I will tell you that Kitchenaid and Electrolux responded far above my expectations. You might wanna go to the library, and find Consumer Reports appliance issues, gardenweb appliance forum is awesome too. But you should figure out what you need in each of your appliances before trying to figure out what logo should be glued on the front of it. IMO, that will make your choices MUCH easier to make.

    1. We have a Kitchen Aid built in oven & microwave that appears to be one unit. The microwave is not quite as fast as a freestanding $100.00 unit. Just a thought.

      1. Our mid-level Bosch dishwasher has kicked along for years with no problems.

        1. We have a SubZero fridge but went with GE Profile for our range & microwave. Couldn't be happier.