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Apr 17, 2010 10:34 PM

Gourmet shop that sells Pastrami?

Help Chowhounders!

I've been sent on a mission to find the best pastrami in LA. The first thing that came to mind was Langers... EXCEPT, I need to travel with it across the country so it needs to be well packed and tightly sealed. Preferably store bought.

Does anyone know of a gourmet shop that sells delicious pastrami?

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  1. There are quite a few places that sell pastrami over the internet, but I seriously doubt that you will find that true pastrami taste via mail order. I think pastrami is one of those foods, like good bbq, that just has to be eaten fresh or they lose "something". Maybe you should consider buying some at Langer's or Brent's and vacuum sealing it yourself. I know that's not very helpful. Sorry.

    1. Langer's sells well sealed packages with instructions on how to reheat. Don't know if it's vacuum sealed. I can say that following the instructions, the 1 lb package was great, if a little pricy at $20. Still it was enough for 3 hearty sandwiches. FWIW, it was eaten a few days after purchase.

      You might be okay if you can pack it in a soft insulated lunch box with a couple of ice packs, although If you're going across the country, wouldn't NYC be easier?

      1. Langer’s offers an overnight shipping service via FedEx. They use a “special packaging that seals in all the goodness.” I am sure you could stop in, pick-up a package and arrive with it at your destination sooner than their service would. Or, you can pay the price to have it shipped. IMHO, there is no better pastrami on the West Coast. Here’s the link:

        1. Thanks for all tips. I had no idea Langer's did special packaging. Definitely solves my problem. Unfortunately I'm not going to NYC, but that would definitely make pastrami foraging easier.

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            Is that like foraging for truffles? LOL