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Apr 17, 2010 10:04 PM

Where to find sushi rice and ingredients in rhode island?

I've been scouring all the food shops I could think of...I'm looking for short grain sushi rice, and nori, or even soy wrappers, I've not found a single place. Allton and boston are quite a ways away from East Greenwich and the commute would kill my wallet. Does anyone know where I can find a place to buy sushi fixings here in rhode island? Fishing season has don't get as fresh as 1 hour old catch.

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    1. re: magiesmom

      never found it at trader joes....and when I did find something close they wanted way too much.

    2. I have found all of this in the past at Mirae Market, 602 Reservoir Avenue, Cranston
      It is predominately Korean but also has Japanese items.

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      1. re: FjmArch

        I'll go check them out on the first when I get more cash...tired of spending too much at sushi bars. I swear there is crack in the sushi at the sushi bars cause some of the prices are nothing short of highway robbery!

        1. re: Grendal

          trader joe's wanted way too much? I certainly know there is alot to criticize about them, but price? really?

          1. re: magiesmom

            yeah their a little expensive on some stuff.

      2. There's a good Asian grocery on Franklin St. (rt. 1) in Westerly. It's right next to Golden Chopsticks restaurant (they own it). They have a Japanese section with nori sheets, ginger, wasabi powder & tubes, rice vinegar, as well as bags of California sushi rice. Their prices are generally fair. One caveat: if you buy anything from their fridges or freezers, check item carefully because they're sometimes careless about expired products. I once cooked a meal that was spoiled by moldy noodles.

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        1. Every Stop and Shop and Shaws has sushi rice in the international section - most have nori, Stop and Shop has the soy wrappers - Almost all health food stores have nori too.

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          1. re: harryharry

            According to stop and shop and shaws they don't carry sushi rice, they carry the rice wine vinegar, but no soy wrappers, nori, or the actual rice. Was the first place I looked shaws is half a mile, and stop and shop a mile from my place. Unless the super was pulling my leg.

            1. re: Grendal

              It's definitely there... though you have to pay more for it than if you went to an asian grocery store

              1. re: malyna

                hmmm wonder why I was told they don't carry it. I'll have to go look again.

                1. re: Grendal

                  Ok, I can do you one better. I was in the N. Kingstown Stop & Shop yesterday. The sushi rice is in the Asian section on the bottom shelf in a white bag.

          2. I make sushi often at home. Stop & Shop has a Asian section.They have nori, wasabi powder and in a tube (usually near the seafood section). They have sushi rice in the rice section. As for Shaw's I do not shop there as often but I know they do have a gourmet section that has a very good selection of gourmet items and I am sure they have sushi ingredients there. As for soy wrappers for sushi I bought them at whole foods in their Asian section.
            If you feel like traveling a bit, as someone else mentioned, I also go to the Asiam market in Westerly and it is great. It is worth a trip to stock up. The prices are definately better. They get fresh, very nice Asian produce on Thursdays. The only placed I have seen soy wrappers in Whole foods.
            Near E. Greenwich there is Chef A Roni. It is a gourmet shop that has sushi ingredients.