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Apr 17, 2010 07:34 PM

Halifax Essentials

I'll have a few days and would love to know what I must try--I'm open to anything but I'm mostly interested in seafood and any local specialities... however common or unusual.

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  1. If you search this board you'll find many recommendations.
    Most will agree that Fid, Chives and Janes on the Common are some of the best places to eat.

    1. I will agree with Janes on the Commons, haven't tried FID and disagree with Chives. Waited over a year to try Chives and I, along with my three dining buddies, were all dissapointed with our meals at Chives. Average at best, lacking in flavour all around. I consider myself, and so do my friends, a very good cook, and I know I could prepare more flavourful dishes. I would also recommend Mezza on Quinpool and Brooklyn Warehouse on Windsor.

      Brooklyn Warehouse
      2795 Windsor St, Halifax, NS B3K, CA

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        My Halifax trip has been postponed to July... Any seasonal foods I should look for that time of year?