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Apr 17, 2010 07:11 PM

Vancouver Essentials in 2 or 3 Days

I'll be in Vancouver for a few days at the end of April and would love to hear what you think I must not miss--I tend to gravitate towards Asian and seafood (so obviously there'll be many choices.) I do live in NYC so I hope to have things that aren't available to me at home...

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  1. You would be best served by reading through past posts on here as there is a wealth (and I do not exaggerate) of Asian cuisine that has been extensively covered.
    You will find many things not available or simply of better quality than in NYC.

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      There are many Asian threads here - especially over the last month or so.

      I had been thinking of a "Vancouver Weekend" concierge's itinerary

      Breakfast - Granville Island Public Market (progressive picnic - Oyama, La Baguette, etc.)
      Lunch - Go Fish (Fish and Chips)
      Dinner - Cioppino's
      Cocktails - The Diamond

      Breakfast/Lunch - Dim Sum in Richmond (Jade Seafood, Sea Harbour or other)
      Dinner - Blue Water Cafe
      Cocktails - Bao Bei, then The Keefer

      (Bear in mind that you can slot in a good number of alternatives. What would you put into those slots?)