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Apr 17, 2010 05:46 PM

Restaurants in Downtown Minneapolis - Date Suggestions

I have two upcoming dates that involve concerts. One date will be a blind date. The other is with a friend. I would like to find restaurants within walking distance of the concert venues. The first is the State Theater. The second venue is the Fine Line.

We're open to all types of food, except sushi, and the prices must be reasonable (No more than $15/pp avg.) My friend that's going to the State loves ethnic food, especially Indian. As for the blind date, I have no clue! Any help would be appreciated.

Also, late night happy hours for a Thursday and a Saturday night in downtown Minneapolis would be great, too, just in case things go well:-)

Oh, and since I'm asking, why not throw this in, too. Does anyone know where there's a really cool and happening trivia and/or bingo night on a Monday, Thursday, or Friday night?


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  1. Here are a few ideas:

    Black Sheep Pizza would be within walking distance (~10 minutes) of the Fine Line. It might have a bit of a wait, but the atmosphere would be low key and I love the pizza from there.

    Saffron has a late night happy hour on Friday and Saturday. I have not been to happy hour at Saffron, but I really liked the middle eastern inspired food at Saffron quite a lot for dinner. The cocktail I had there was also quite good.

    112 Eatery is also very close to the Fine Line - while it can be much more expensive there than the $15/person you suggest, they do have some much less expensive options too. It is definitely a "depends on what you order" sort of place. They are also open very late so they might be an option for late night on Thursday or Saturday at the bar. If you want to go to dinner here, I would definitely recommend a reservation.

    112 Eatery
    112 N 3rd St, Minneapolis, MN 55401

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      One more thing...the Hyatt mentioned in this topic is probably about a 10 minute walk from the State Theater so depending on which direction from they Hyatt the restaurants in this thread are...some of them might be good options.