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ultimate roastbeef kelly or kings?

I'm not from New England but my family is.....
and i love the sandwhiches on the northshore ...........
and i sure love kelly and i love kings....as well....

what do you like?
anhy other places we should try whilewe are in the area?

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  1. nick's roast beef in north beverly. my personal favorite.

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    1. re: cambridgeMike

      This is the correct answer.

      But I think it has to be said: Kelly's isn't in the top 10. Probably not the top 20. There are so many other great options, as mentioned in this thread, pretty much any "Name's Roast Beef" is going to be better than Kelly's.

      1. re: cambridgeMike

        I second Nicks! Its the Best roast beef on the north shore....much better then Kelly's!

        1. Peters Super Beef and Beachmont Roast Beef both in Revere.

          Beachmont Roast Beef
          629 Winthrop Ave, Revere, MA 02151

          1. Mike's in Everett
            Village Fare in Brookline Village

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            1. re: Luther

              Is Village Fair North shore style RB?

              1. re: NahantNative

                Whoops, never responded to this. Yes, at least the last time I had it there (which was quite a few years ago) it was an onion roll with thin sliced RB, bbq sauce, cheese.

            2. Peters Super Beef 1484 North Shore Road
              Beachmont Roast Beef 629 Winthrop Ave
              Royal Roast Beef 752 Bennington St, East Boston
              Alamo Roast Beef 574 Broadway, Everett
              Skampa 424 Cambridge st, Cambridge

              I'd get all of these sandwiches with sauce and cheese or "three way"

              424 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02141

              Beachmont Roast Beef
              629 Winthrop Ave, Revere, MA 02151

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                  I'm also a fan of Skampa in Cambridge!

                  424 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02141

                    1. re: MC Slim JB

                      If it's the same as Liberty Bell in Melrose and Stoneham, I'd disagree. Billy's Famous Roast Beef on the Melrose/Wakefield line is better than Liberty Bell's roast beef. It might not be, though.. I seem to recall hearing something about different owners.

                      1. re: Chris VR

                        Pretty sure it is different owners but not 100%

                        1. re: joth68

                          I'm 100% sure they're different owners.

                        2. re: Chris VR

                          Billy's is my favorite roast beef anywhere! The roast beef honestly melts in your mouth. Jr. beef, sauce, cheese = YUM!

                          1. re: lulu806

                            Billy's is supreme. Always medium rare, always perfectly seasoned, always juicy and piled high.

                            Back in the day (mid-80s), Waltham's Mimi's made a mean, mean beef. But that faded as the years went by.

                      2. Supreme Roast Beef in Danvers square. Great cheese steaks too.

                        Supreme Roast Beef
                        18 Maple St, Danvers, MA 01923

                        1. Captain's Pizza Swampscott. Raost beef, sauce + pickles (yes pickles)

                          1. Supremes Roast Beef in Gloucester--I'm a huge north shore RB lover and I have switched from being a Nick's person to a Supremes person. Yummy and rare!

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                              The Gloucester one is owned and operated by the same people from the Danvers store. Great food. Nice family.

                            2. I know this is heresy, but there is greeat roast beef on the Brockton/Bridgewater line. Giorgios in Brockton serves the best old school roast beef on an onin roll that I have ever had.

                              1. Jimbo's on Rte 28 - on the Stoneham/Reading line next to Dunkin Donuts... the absolute best roast beef around... they cook their own and it's sliced so thin and tender AND they have HORSERADISH (which most places don't)... their onion rings are really good too- handmade.

                                1. Thanks for all of your responses....fun trying them all!
                                  Kelly's RB just tasted better peter's Superbeef. ...the meat had more flavor...better buttered grilled bun....interested in trying beachmont captain's Pizza and nicks before i go home. One thing that got in the way was learning about Popo's chili cheese dog...I went twice this week...and that affected my research....wow a great dog!

                                  The clam chowder at Kelly's is awesome..... How can you complain about a chowder loaded with clams...more than pototoes...im bring some back with me to stick in the freezer! I did not like the chowder at Atlantic Sea Coast...any other suggestions...while im here?

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                                    The super beef with cheese and sauce at Royal roast beef on Bennington st in EB is THE BEST rb sandwich on the norrth shore, hands down...I defy anyone who has been there to disagree!!!

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                                      I really got to disagree with you here. I've been to Kelly's in Saugus, Natick and Allston and the Roast beef itself is way better at Peter's super beef. It's actually rare.

                                      What is Atlantic Sea Coast? Is it outside of Boston? Did you mean Atlantic Fish Company?

                                    2. None better than Nick's. Period.

                                      1. A place where a lot of the Kelly's imitators fall down, in my experience, is the roll. Kelly's uses a very substantial bun, none of that fluffy Wonder-Bread-texture BS, and many, many RB places use something cheap and wimpy.


                                        1. The best roast beef on the North Shore is Nick's in North Beverly. There is no comparison.