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Apr 17, 2010 03:35 PM

Relatively inexpensive cooking classes?

Hi everyone!

So I'm a university student and after a year of making very simplistic canned sauce-pasta dishes, I'm thinking that I seriously need to look into expanding my culinary skills! While I have been browsing around used bookstores for some basic cookbooks, I was wondering if anyone knew of any relatively inexpensive cooking classes that an inexperienced person can take part in around Toronto.

I'm looking for something that's generally simple and basic - I can't imagine I'd be accepted right now into some sort of culinary chef program ;P

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. One of the most inexpensive are classes offered by the Toronto District School Board in their continuing education general interest courses. There's one running right now called Chef on the Run that might suit you but classes have already started so maybe next semester -

      More pricey but some interesting short courses or one-day workshops offered by Great Cooks on Eight -

      More expensive but offering some basic skills classes is Calphalon Culinary Centre -

      Good on you for wanting to learn. And good luck!

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        Thank you. (However, the TDSB web page is a fine example of a truly awful design.)

      2. St Lawrence Market also offers inexpensive cooking classes each week. I believe they are $50 and although I have not taken them myself, I had a girlfriend who did and said it was perfect for what she was looking for - basic, yet knowledgeable.

        1. There are cooking classes inside some Loblaws stores, e.g. St Clair West. They are inexpensive in that you just pay for one night, it is not a long series of classes. I'm not sure exactly how much they are or how that compares to other choices. They also will by design not require a lot of exotic ingredients that you can't get in a regular grocery store. There are a variety of different offerings throught the year.
          OK, I looked at their web site and it doesn't get any cheaper than this. At the lower Jarvis store, you can go to a cooking demonstration (OK, that's not as hands on as a class, but if ideas are your main need ...) for $10 but you get a $10 gift card you can use in the store.

          1. The LCBO offers a few cooking classes.