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Spicy pickles Toronto?

Anyone knows where I can buy spicy cucumber pickles in Toronto?

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  1. Toorshi Foods makes excellent spicy cucumber pickles. They are made with a vinegar/salt brine. He uses thai chilis, garlic, and other spices. He's at several Toronto farmers markets. http://www.toorshifoods.com/

    Also, Tymeks has a line of spicy pickles. I think these would be considered the Jewish/Polish variety as they are pickled in a salt/spice brine without vinegar. Fiesta Farms has them, as does the little Ukrainian place in the basement of SLM.

    Fiesta Farms
    200 Christie St, Toronto, ON M6G, CA

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      Toorshi's pickles are very good! Makes my mouth water just thinking about them!

      Also, the big Asian grocery stores like TNT have many varieties of spicy cucumber pickles, everything from Korean kimchee style cucumbers to Taiwanese soy and chili pickles.

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        I'm currently addicted to Toorshi's spicy pickled beets. They are amazing in burgers!

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          If you think the beets are good, try the pickled radish.

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        Cool! I will check it out, thanks!
        Love turshi.

      3. Go to the source for Tymek's:
        Check out Dimp's bakery just down the street on Advance while you're there.

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          Second the Tymek's call - these are the closest thing I've found to what my grandma used to make. That link was a dud for me, tho. I've been buying Tymek's at Highland Farms (Dufferin/Supertest).

          Highland Farms
          850 Ellesmere Rd, Toronto, ON M1P, CA

        2. Thanks to everyone, I will give these a try.

          1. I have always liked Strubs Spicy pickle mix myself!

            1. I believe Summerhill Market carries a few different brands, including my favorite spicy pickled green beans.

              Summerhill Market
              446 Summerhill Ave, Toronto, ON M4W, CA

              1. There's a guy who sells really good spicy pickles and other pickled veggies at the Wychwood Barns market on Saturday mornings. Very spicy.

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                  That's Toorshi Pickles. The owner can also now be found at the SLM north on Saturdays. I recently sampled most of his offerings and purchased the spicy pickled beets, tangy turnips and spicy cauliflower. I will return when his next batch of garlic dill pickles are ready. He was sold out of those last weekend. I will not return to my standby: Tymek's, as they always arrive on the verge of being overpickled. They're virtually fizzing in the jar and after a few weeks in the fridge, they go moldy. It's happened three times now and I just can't bear to throw out another jar. They're also insanely salty. The Toorshi pickles have a fresher taste and texture, though I was warned they'd continue to pickle as they sit. I don't think they'll last long enough to do so, though! :-)

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                    Yes? Hi! Oh my this is the good news. Thanks for the sharing!

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                      Yes? Hi! We did the Toorshi and they are they excellent. So much of the goodness that Vashi did the dancing in the market.

                      We did the buying of the Spicy Pickles. They are made the spicy with the Thai Chili peppers and they are the very hot for the people who like the real hotness. The big jar was the $7.50 and you can also get them in the mini pickles. The Thai chili can be the almost 100k in the scoville but these are maybe around the 10k for the scovilles which is still the very good hotness.

                      Also the Mr. Toorshi was the very nice guy too.

                  2. if you're closer to York Farmer's Market, there's a brand of jarred spicy pickles I've only seen there called "Putter's" that are very tasty..near the Stuart Carroll stall.

                    1. Galleria Supermarket, Pat Mart and H Mart have wide varieties of "spicy" pickles in and around Toronto.

                      1. McLure's Pickles, a company out of Detroit/Brooklyn (not sure how that works, but that's what the jar says), makes the best spicy dill pickles. And I'm talking real, mouth-on-fire spicy. Scheffler's deli in the St. Lawrence market sells them, right by the deli meats. Might as well get some of their fantastic home-made roast beef while you're there.

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                          Yeah, McLure's are currently my favourite pickles around. I was in Detroit last weekend and picked up a few jars (a few bucks cheaper per hap in the US than TO). Brother who own it come from suburban detroit but one brother moved to Brooklyn. Their pickles are excellent. And yes, the spicy ones are really hot.