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Apr 17, 2010 02:13 PM

Organic, free range eggs in NDG and environs?

I know there's a good vendor of such up in Marché Jean-Talon, but it is too far for convenience.

Does anybody know of a good source of organic, free-range eggs - the kind that tastes really good, has a deep yellow yolk and boasts thick shells -- available in NDG or at least close enough that it's not a hassle to got get some.


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  1. I'm gonna guess your best bet is at Ecollegy on Somerled/Wilson though some people don't like shopping there due to the owners. Um , I also read in the NDG Free Press that there is an organic food delivery service (free delivery in Mtl!)- rumor has it that they are going to operate out of a storefront on Sherbrooke. the website is:

    Oh and in the summer there is a mini market on the corner of Monkland/ Benny; i think they may sell eggs there.

    1. There is Le Frigo Vert run by Concordia students by the Guy/Concordia metro. There's also a place at 330 Victoria street just off of Sherbrooke (by the Metro) that has absolutely beautiful organic produce, meat, eggs, olive oils and stuff. It is on the lower level of a nice victorian-style home and you have to walk down a few steps to get there, but it's totally recommended.