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Apr 17, 2010 02:07 PM

Where has Gord's Sausage/meats gone??

Gord's Meats in Calgary used to be on Bowness Road... Prior to that, he was in the Eau Claire Market. Does anyone know where he is now or where his sausages are sold?

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  1. I do not think he has been on Bowness Road for a long time (at least > 2 years). Last summer he set up camp in front of Banker Halls on Stephen Avenue to cook sausages for the lunch time crowd, plus I saw him with a stand at a street festival.
    At that time he said he did not have a store and only did custom work. He only sells on bulk orders (min 20 lbs or something).
    I was a regular customer at Eau Claire and Bowness and still think his sausage products are superior to anything else I've had in Calgary or anywhere else for that matter. I had his card at one time but do not know how to get hold of him.

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      He could talk you to death, I tell you! And always upsold on volume whenever I bought. But his meat was very good. I just had to be in the mood.

    2. He is still doing catering, and you can order from him still in bulk (at least I did last summer) I just tried looking for his email, and couldn't find it. sorry, I will post if I can track a number down for you.

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        I thought Gord had a sausage cart downtown on Stephen Ave now?

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          Yes he does have a sausage cart downtown now.