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Apr 17, 2010 01:37 PM

Large wine box source needed

Greeting Hounds!,
My family goes through about a case of wine (9.0 ltrs) per week. Even using magnums, that is a lot of glass that has to be transported, stored, drained (the good part) and disposed of / recycled. I suspect I need to talk to a distributor or wholesaler. Can/will they sell to the public? I haven't been impressed by the Black Box, Franzia, Peter Vella or Delicato retail boxes. If I could get from 30 to 50 ltrs of Mondavi Woodbridge Sauvingnon Blanc or BV Century Cellars Cab, I would be on very happy camper with a decreased trash footprint.

About 20 years ago, Liquor Barn used to carry 30 ltr boxes of things like San Antonio "table" wines but I don't see such packaging any more -- another reason I deeply mourn the loss of Liquor Barn....

Any way (sniff), any suggestions or sources?

Eat and drink with gusto!


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  1. The WIne Box sold out of Target received surprisingly good ratings from Wine Spectator. The Cabernet-Shiraz blend and the Chardonnay both received an 87.

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    1. re: dvsndvs

      I read that also. But I don't think they come in the large size that the OP is looking for.

      My advice would be to try to contact (email?) the vineyard themselves to see if they do produce the wine you like in that type of package, and in the size you want. Many vineyards do sell directly to the public, and you can possible join their wine "club" and receive discounts. I used to do that with Lucas & Llewellyn in Santa Barbara and would regularly get 10% off of all of my wine purchases. They do not make the box style wine, yet though.

      1. re: Phurstluv

        also, there is no reason to believe that there will be any consistency to what goes into those boxes.
        (think 2 buck chuck--whatever he can buy cheaply that month will be in the bottles, there is no consistency to the wine from month to month, there is just price consistency)

    2. 3 liter is the standard put up for bag in a box wines. Some come in 5 liter and I would assume that you would have a very hard time finding anything else. Quality of wine is getting better in this format all the time. Just bought a 1 liter tetra pak just to try, so so..
      Try posting in the Wine Section of Chowhound they are a very helpful group of people.