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Ice Cream in New Hampshire?

We've ton the crawls in Maine and Massachusetts, but does New Hampshire measure up when it comes to homemade Ice-cream stands? I've heard about Blakes Ice Cream (the Giffords of NH?) and about Lago's Lone Oak, anything else interesting in the Granite state???

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  1. Bishop's in Littleton is as good as you will find anywhere.

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      Very good ice cream. Get a cone, though. A request for an ice cream soda was met with a totally blank expression, as if they'd never heard of such a thing.

    2. Sugar and Ice in Barrington, NH on route 125. Waffle cones made while you wait. Nuff said.

      1. Slick's Homemade on Rte 302 between Woodsville and Bath NH. Really, really good homemade ice cream. I think their stand usually opens on Mother's Day but when there's nice whether they've opened earlier. They're also listed in the NH Made directory online.

        I'm a fan of their banana splits...

        1. I wish Belmont was an area I drove through, they have fantastic Jordan's Ice Cream:

          but not on this list is one of my favs in Manchester on Valley St is Cremeland - this is prob my fav! If you love pistachio, I can't find a better one.

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            I like Goldenrods on Candia Rd. in Manchester. Best peanut butter fudge icecream. I 'll give a nod to Cremeland too. They make a rum raisin that good.

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              The baklava ice cream at the Puritan is excellent.

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                absolutely loved the pistachio at Puritan today, sooo creamy and full of flavor - not the big chunks like Cremeland but I believe the flavor itself was better.

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                We tried both and enjoyed Cremeland more than Goldenrod. Also liked Cremeland's onion rings a lot better.

            2. I like Merrivale's on Rt 3A in Hooksett NH. For anyone heading north on I93, you can get off on 3A just north of Manchester, visit Merrivale's (frozen pudding is my favorite), then continue north on 3A. You can get back on I93 at the Hooksett toll booth or continue on to exit 12 which avoids the tolls.
              We haven't been to the Sandwich Creamery in several years. It's an adventure to find it and you'll have to share a pint (no counter service, no cones). They sell in a few retail locations but the scenery in Sandwich is wonderful (just northwest of Lake Winnipesaukee).
              Arnie's in Concord NH is popular. They have a good selection of flavors.
              Richardson's farm stand, Water St, Boscawen NH has odd hours but will be open more often when summer season really starts. Maybe they don't qualify because their ice cream is actually made at Richardson's Dairy in Dracut MA (not related to Richardson's Ice Cream in Middleton). Some of the family moved to Boscawen but apparently nobody in the family ever retires. They sell cones and quarts etc and have a small list of flavors. From I93 take exit 17.

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                Merrivale Farms now sells Richardson's Ice Cream.

              2. Walpole Creamery is amazing and no artificial anything

                1. People say Annabelle's in Portsmouth is supposed to be delicious.
                  I'm heading there this Saturday, so I'll let you know =)

                  I love Lone Oak! I've only been to the Rochester one, I want to go to the one in Rye because they don't have all the same flavors in each location! I want to try a particular flavor (Cookie Monster, hehehe) that they only have in Rye but I don't have the heart to drive all the way there =(

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                    Annabelle's is wonderful. There are a few other scoop shops in NH that sell it. Arctic Freeze in New London, NH comes to mind.

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                      The maddening thing about Lago's Lone Oak is that they won't let you get two flavors in their huge "small" size, they force you to get a large which could feed an army.

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                        I gotta say my local favorite (in Nashua) is Bruster's. The chocolate shake is spot on - not too much syrup & thick enough (but you can order it extra thick too). They also have great flavors - right now I have Bananas Foster & Chocolate Peanut Butter Buckeye (chocolate ice cream with a peanut butter swirl & buckeye candy - whick are kinda like a Reeses) in my freezer. Chocolate Cake Batter is good too but they haven't had that in a while. They also do a lot of the fruit ice creams (apple, peach, pumpkin etc) when they are in season.

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                          Is Bruster's made at the shop? The website looks like a Baskin Robbins -type national outfit.

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                            They have about a dozen shops on the East Coast. They do make the ice cream there & even tried to give me a recipe once but they only had the recipe for a LARGE batch & I wasn't in the mood to try to cut down the size. They'll even call you if you put in a request for your favorite if they don't have it & will call you when they make it. I like their shakes / frappes a lot - they don't try to hide the flavor behind a ton of syrup.

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                            Brusters was very good, but they didn't have Bananas Foster on the menu,nor did they have the Buckeye. Darn!

                        2. does anyone know, is there an ice cream maker in NH which makes their own base, preferably without either corn syrup or hfcs as an ingredient?

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                            Walpole creamery makes their own base. Their website says they only use "all-natural ingredients", but I don't think that necessarily means they don't use corn syrup or hfcs.

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                              I believe Walpole uses corn syrup, definitely NOT hfcs though. Corn syrup is natural, and helps the ice cream stay creamy, without getting too hard or with ice crystals. Even David Lebovitz's book, The Perfect Scoop, recommends using CS in some recipes to keep it from freezing too solid.

                              There is also Connelly's in Temple, they use their own cream for ice cream (also adds corn syrup). Theirs is sold at nearby farm stands (Trombley's in Milford for one.) and at their own farm.

                              Rustic Leaf serves Walpole Creamery ice cream.

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                                I emailed Walpole and asked about corn syrup or hfcs in their base. They replied saying they use sugar.

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                                    Sorry about that, and thanks for letting me know. I think I confused it with Connelly's then....I remember being surprised by seeing corn syrup used by a small local creamery.

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                                    The ice cream sold at the Connelly Farm is a trip! Walk into the little farmstore and serve yourself. Take a pint, a quart, or a single-serving cup of ice cream out of their freezer and leave your money in an envelope on the table. Don't bother the Connelly family, they're out milking the cows and grazing the cattle.
                                    Note: for full flavor, let these hard-frozen cups of ice cream soften down for five or ten minutes.

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                                      That would explain why they don't answer the phone. I was going to make the trip out there for cream and wanted to make sure it was available.

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                                      Looking at Connolly's label today, it definitely looks like they use a commercial base (corn syrup, guar gum, skim milk solids,dextrose & etc), i'm even wondering if they use their own cream, as there is no indication on the label that the milk/cream is unpastuerized.

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                                        I think they mentioned that they get their ice cream base from a place that buys cream and milk from their cows. He told us that they have much less over-run than most other ice creams, meaning that they don't whip it up to twice it's original consistency, or something like that.

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                                    I love Memories in Kingston NH. They have a huge selection of hard and soft ice cream flavors and fresh frozen yogurt. The sizes run on the large size and you get what you pay for. Made the NH magazine's best of, 3 years in a row. Always a line , but it moves quickly. Always a treat on a hot summer evening or anytime.

                                    Memories Ice Cream
                                    95 Exeter Rd, Kingston, NH 03848

                                  2. Cremeland's pistachio ice cream - NO JOKE - is as if someone accidentally dumped a massive amount of huge pistachios in the ice cream. ( Manchester NH) Has to be my favorite pistachio ever.

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                                      A good pistachio ice cream is hard to find.

                                      Visited Butters in Concord last night for beer and cheese tasting. The cheese guy was from Robie dairy in Piermont NH. They also make ice cream and one of the flavors is strawberry rhubarb brownie but not many places carry quarts of their ice cream. Road trip!

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                                        off-topic from ice cream...but, was that the White Birch tasting???

                                        1. re: solargarlic

                                          yes it was. The beer is quite different from what I'm used to. I'm not much of a beer drinker so I probably didn't appreciate it as much as some of the others there. My friend, who loves beer and usually prefers Guiness, liked the pale ale the best.

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                                            Yeah, they do a lot in the Belgian style, but it is no doubt really good stuff. I have only tried the Trippel, but from the info on the website he is always trying some new and very interesting brews. He was even attempting recently to try and use some birch sap in one...don't know if it worked out or not, but I was really intrigued.

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                                          wow, neat flavor - strawberry rhubarb brownie!!! Thanks I'll have to google piermont, not sure I've ever been.

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                                          yup~ tried the pistachio and am still working on getting those nuts out from between my teeth......yummy!

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                                            yea, no lickin ice cream here, it's eating ice cream!!!

                                        4. Just open this year, The Creamery at Applecrest Farmin Hampton Falls. Good quality, nice extras like their apple pie, fresh strawberries right now, and the house special sundae: Vanilla ice cream on their cider donut with maple topping.

                                          1. great thread! Don't forget Johnson's Dairy bar (now known as Johnson's steak & seafood) on the New Durham/Alton, NH line. I believe they just had a fire at their other (original) restaurant in Northwood. Anyhoo, love their mint patty fro yo & for dinner first try their ricidulously cheap and abundant steamers, about 36 for $12.99.

                                            1. Lagos on Route 1 in Rye NH. Terrific selection of flavors. HUGE portions. We always order a baby size - which is plenty of ice cream for us - $2.50. Delicious!

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                                                I like their Indian Pudding flavor, love the graininess of the actual cornmeal in the ice cream. I hate that they don't let you try two different flavors unless you buy a "large" though, what human beingcould ever eat one of their large size offerings, not me!

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                                                  Memories in Kingston NH is great! Great for kids and families. Very clean, old fashioned with few cows, baby moo and goats. Great quality and flavors and nice location.