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Paris, solo dinner, Sunday night, near Arc de Triomphe

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My husband is going on an unexpected business trip to Paris and will find himself alone for dinner tomorrow night. He's staying in a hotel on Avenue Carnot, near Arc de Triomphe.

Any suggestions for a place in that area, open on Sunday night, suitable for casual solo dining?

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  1. Klary, not sure if he is a red meat eater, but the Charbon Rouge is a very good and popular upscale steakhouse open every day and one block from the Champs Elysees with fab frites and wine. I just wrote about it here: http://www.thepariskitchen.com/restau...

    1. Flora Danica, open on Sunday.

      1. The answer is that of Soup's - the King of Sunday night is very decidedly - Pierre Gagniere - but in case that's too fancy and not "suitable for casual solo dining" try:
        16-18, place Gaillon, 2nd (Metro: Quatre-Septembre)
        Open everyday
        Plat de jour 20 €, Lunch Menu 45 €, Menu-carte 67 €.

        1. This may be too late but casual, Sunday night close by Carnot sounds like l'Huitrier on Saussier Leroy or a brasserie , perhaps Ballon des Ternes.

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            Husband just phoned and told me he had a 'perfectly fine if not terribly exciting' dinner at l ' Huitrier. He only arrived at his hotel at 8 so really wanted something within walking distance,
            Thanks !