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Apr 17, 2010 12:41 PM

It's your birthday...you treat yourself to...?

I'll be spending the next couple of nights with friends and family to celebrate my birthday but I know I'll want a quiet evening and a nice dinner to myself...what would you do?

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  1. To clarify, you want to dine alone on your birthday?

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      No, I'm in day two of celebrating with friends and family....Mom's cooking tonight and it's Salvadoran food with the girls later in the week.

      1. re: MIss G

        Ah, so you're just planning an evening alone in addition to celebrations with others. Got it. Personally, I would fix something relatively simple and just enjoy a complimentary wine and some bought bread and dessert from a good bakery. An omelette or frittata, perhaps. Some good olives, maybe some roasted potatoes on the side. If I was on the west coast, a good piece of fish or some fresh seafood. Oh, and I might make salted caramel ice cream for dessert instead of the bakery. I just love the flavor.

    2. Sushi
      Indian food

      As of right now - I think that would be my order of preference. Been having a real sushi jones lately. Indian food / ribs are fun to enjoy by digging in by hand. Better to enjoy by yourself where you can get greezy and not care so much.

      1. if i'm at home there will always be my stunning main squeeze Dom Perignon [or something similarly nice in any case].

        1. my birthday is upcoming as well, and i'm trying to make the same decisions... i've been craving a lot of seafood recently, so that will likely color this year's choices....

          i have a feeling i will have lobster out one night.

          as i'm in los angeles, i was considering doing the $$$ Urasawa omakase, but it would definitely be alone. may do the tasting menu at Providence instead.

          i'll surf next fri through sunday and likely have a good seafood lunch by the beach 1 or 2 days, and likely ceviche the 3rd day.

          and because i've been craving scampi, i will likely make my own that is allergy friendly for me.

          and even though it sets off my allergies, i have my eye on a couple of different bottles of wines that i'm itching to try...

          happy birthday fellow apriler!

          1. Opus One (I know little about wine, but I've had this and fell in love)
            Extra garlicky Cioppino
            Thick, crusty bread
            Freshly fried, hot, powdered sugar smothered zeppoles (I call them zape-las) -
            The thickest, densest NY-style cheesecake topped with huge ripe strawberries... just a bite or three...
            (That's what I would eat-but I prefer to do so with company!)
            Happy Birthday!!!