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Apr 17, 2010 12:39 PM

lunch at Distrito - short review

just had lunch at Distrito - 4 of us- while the food was good, let's just say that DH opened a bag of chips when we came home...just for a snack. Small, very precious presentations of modern takes on Mexican food. I had the most generous serving- breakfast burrito. It was good, scrambled eggs, tomatos, salsa and other stuff rolled in burrito. Son had fish tacos --it was 3 tiny tortillas, (like 3 inches diameter) with a fish stick lying on each, small shavings of cheese. Forget what the other 2 people had. This was the kind of place that was too cool and hip to have chips and salsa on the table; call me lowbrow, that's what I like. ... you have to order the "sides" and we did! a side order of plantains was 1(one!) grilled nice plantain. They should have said side of PLANTAIN! The side order of beans was an individual ramekin the size of a those plastic applesauce/fruit cups. Really, like 1/4/ cup serving...Our waitress was also really disinterested. She described what was in a drink as "it's the consistency of lemonade" Does that mean it's a liquid? Waited quite awhile to order, then she forgot we were there, until it was time to suggest desserts.

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  1. Yeah, I agree with everything, but ye gods those fish taco's are amazing. I don't mean to sound like a shill for the capital D, because I've mentioned how much I like it in the past, but yeah, wiith those fish tacos, the tres leches dessert and the French Toast for Brunch, they'd have to drop an anvil on my foot before I stop going.

    1. The Tortilla Soup and most of the brunch plates like the egg dishes and french toast are pretty generous portions. The tacos, sides, et al, yes they are small and you need to order several.

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        Yeah the French toast can easily be split between two people and leave both full.

        On the other hand, Sabrina's stuffed french toast is large enough to feed a small Icelandic village for a week.

      2. This sounds like a problem of misplaced expectations. Distrito isn't Chi-Chi's, or even a more upscale typical Mexican restaurant. It is small plates. The portions are supposed to be small, so you can try a variety of things. They generally recommend about 3 dishes per person, which has always left me feeling quite full.

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          i can't help replying -- no one told us they were "small plates." or said order more than 1 per person. and at $8-13 a plate --ordering 3 each-- would have meant lunch could cost $24-$39 a person...

          1. re: elmom

            This is an issue with the server. Every time I have been to a Garces restaurant the server asks "is this your first visit?" and makes it very clear that the plates are small and that you will need to order a few per person.

            This is a fine dining restaurant and $24-$39pp is in line with that expectation. No excuse for the single plantain when it is billed plural though. Fortunately brunch can be affordable if you order correctly, and the server should do a better job communicating that. When I went for brunch, I was actually upset with my server who told us we needed to order 3-4 plates a person, and then the french toast, eggs, and tortilla soup ended up being entree sized. The brunch plates were all around $10, maybe more for steak, and I was pleasantly surprised with how affordable it was.

            I have stated on this board before that Distrito has management/staff issues and this is another example of that. The food is good, though.

            1. re: barryg

              Well, I guess my $50 gift certificate isn't going to take me very far at Distrito :-)

              1. re: Rondo

                So, I would agree this problem may have to do with the server, but also perhaps that you need to go more than once. The first time i went, i would agree that i felt for the amount of food it was a little pricey, but have been many times since then and have never left hungry or feeling that i spent too much-------love it, the flatbreads, pork tacos, fish tacos, nachos......i have never been for brunch though, so maybe that's a different story.

                1. re: bonappetite

                  agreed re. ordering several plates, and expecting to fork over some $$$ - it's a special occasion spot for us, not a cheap eats spot, or even a moderate eats spot.
                  that said, here - like other garces spots - there are strategies for spending less. Try to get some bread or rice or chips to go along with the rest of the food, as I find that you can have somethign of a taste-overload without a more general background starch. Look for items on teh menu, like the salads at Amada, that have more food for the $.