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Apr 17, 2010 11:30 AM

Vegetarian suggestions?

My husband and I have enjoyed many great meals in Las Vegas, but our upcoming trip will be the first time we are there as vegetarians - no meat or fish; dairy is ok. I have spent much time reviewing menus for many restaurants, I'm surprised that so many restaurants have not even one non-meat entree. Ok, we'll lower our expectations, We've made many a meal from a wide selection of appetizers.
But, I would love recommendations for places that have at least a few tasty non-meat items. We're not buffet people, but anything short of sitting at the pool is ok. We're also open to leaving the strip.
Anyone have a great non-meat dish they recommend?

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  1. Viva Mercados, which is off the Strip, has a vegetarian section on their menu. My sister, who does not eat meat, enjoys Viva Mercados.

    Viva Mercados
    3553 S Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89103

    1. Check out Alex if you're willing to part with some change. I have not tried their vegetarian tasting menu, but based on my 4-meals there I'm sure it's worthy.

      1. Oh yeah. For your last question. Again if you want to part with a few of your hard-earned dollars, go to Guy Savoy and try "peas all around". It was genius and bordering on perfection.

        1. You may be pleasantly surprised by some of the options that are available these days.

          On the Strip you can not go wrong with Alex, mentioned above, and Fleur de Lys (Mandalay Bay) seasonally rotates a creative vegetarian tasting menu, while Enoteca San Marco (Venetian) has a wide variety of salads and vegetable options, many of them made hearty enough to be considered main course dishes (their Verdura Grande is comparable to a tasting menu, except all dishes are served at once). Note that some of the latter use a little meat for seasoning, but they will adjust on request. And if you want to think about pasta, B&B (Venetian) is just getting into their spring menu, with items like "Stracchino Ravioli with Spring Bulbs" and "Goat Cheese Tortelloni with Wild Fennel Pollen" showing up by the day. They really shine at this time of year. Off the Strip, Origin India (4480 Paradise) has some excellent vegetarian dishes, and will also do a full tasting menu upon request. For some more hearty vegetable options, the Cottage Cafe (4647 Paradise ) has a combination platter that packs a nice Ethiopian punch. If you like Thai, Komol (Commercial Center) probably has the most extensive vegetarian menu of any restaurant in Las Vegas, while Namaste, about a two minute stroll away, can rival Origin for quality Indian options.