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Apr 17, 2010 10:54 AM

Hound in need of help: Wedding Cakes (I can AFFORD!)

Hey Guys,
Hound in need of help! Our wedding is 3 months away. I have the local (old school) mariscos & taco truck catering, a local chef coming up with cheese and salumi plates, cases of Pinot Grigio from Alto Adige and red from Colli Euganei, and PBR.
What don't I have?
A WEDDING CAKE! (or a lot of money to spend on one)
I tried calling in favors, but to no avail- no one of our friends, pro or not, feels confident that they can pull off a wedding cake on the first try- and rightfully so.
So, any help anyone can provide on bakers, or even just ideas, would be greatly appreciated.
I don't have very much money to spend, as we're trying to tie the knot without going bankrupt so I would be super interested in hearing about affordable ways to do this...
Thank you!

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  1. This sounds like a good time to consider a "cupcake" wedding cake. Much more affordable, and easy to serve, eat and just the sheer whimsy is fun. Maybe try Susiecakes (Brentwood and other locations including Manhattan Beach) and see what their prices are like (I'm pretty sure they do them).

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      I was just at a wedding and they did a cupcake tree. It was great. Much better than wedding cake.

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        Thank you, but I've already been down that road. Sadly, my fiance's love affair with the cupcke trend seems to be waning, and she put that option to rest.

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          A couple of places to check with that do pretty darn reasonable wedding cakes:

      2. you can get one at portos for relatively cheap. i got one that serves 80 or so for about $300 which is cheap compared to the $600 and up i found at most places. also try phoenix bakery in chinatown or cathy's in san gabriel. both chinese bakeries i believe are cheaper than porto's and really good cakes. good luck. btw, don't be put off by the cake galleries online from any of these places. if you want a modern looking cake all of these places can pull it off.

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          +1 - i was going to recommend both Porto's and Phoenix.

        2. Portos! Amazing and really great prices! Pavillions also has great cakes at really good prices too. If the decorated cakes cost a lot more than plain, get plain with white frosting or fondant and just add rose petals or fresh flowers all over the cake (but make sure they are properly washed and an edible type of flower)

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              This. I'd also recommend Helena Wirth Cakes.